[RULES] MMORPG Extra Releases Section Rules [READ]

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    [RULES] MMORPG Extra Releases Section Rules [READ]

    General Rules
    1. Bumping threads is not allowed, however as some sources are still usefull you are allowed to bump a thread when you want to post something that contributes to the thread.
    2. Selling your server files (/hosting, etc) on RaGEZONE is strictly prohibitted. This also counts for trading server files.
    3. Do not post threads requesting hosting, private servers, etc.
    4. When you like someones release, development, or post, don't post responses such as "Thank you" - but instead give the person a like or some rep.
    5. Do not off-topic post. Keep your post constructive and informative.
    6. The root and sub-sections are not places to advertise your private server. Such threads will be infracted and deleted.

    Releases sub-section rules
    1. You may post server files that are not on RaGEZONE yet.
    2. Make sure your download is working when you release something.
    3. Asking for help in a release thread is allowed, but make sure the help request is related to the files in the release thread.

    Use of the report button
    If you see someone breaking one of these rules, make sure you report the post. In no case are you allowed to take the matter in your own hands, so don't comment things such as "Wrong section". This will be considered as spam. Also, if you see threads with dead links, the same counts.

    Of course, also here the Global Forum Rules still count - so make sure you give them a read if you haven't already. The rules are subject to change without prior notice.

    Any questions, contact one of the MMORPG Extra moderators or a Supervisor/Super Moderator

    All sub-section rules: https://forum.ragezone.com/f111/mmor...-rules-962443/
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