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Archlord Emulator + tools

Emulator Archlord Emulator + tools Ep5

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The Archlord Emulator, brought to life by the Osman (also known as Osy), stands as a remarkable testament to the power of passion, dedication, and collaborative efforts within the gaming community.

Archlord, a once-beloved MMORPG, left a lasting imprint on the gaming landscape. Unfortunately, the original servers of the game were eventually brought down, leaving dedicated fans yearning for the nostalgic experiences the game once offered. Enter Osman, a talented individual who took it upon himself to breathe new life into the world of Archlord through the development of an emulator.

The Archlord Emulator project is a labor of love that showcases the relentless pursuit of preserving gaming history. Osman's dedication to not only reviving the game but also ensuring its accessibility to the community is truly commendable. Through countless hours of coding, debugging, and testing, he managed to replicate the intricate mechanics and immersive environment of Archlord, all within the confines of his emulator.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is Osman's commitment to collaboration. Recognizing the potential for improvement and the importance of maintaining the spirit of the game, he welcomed the involvement of fellow enthusiasts. This collaborative effort has fostered a thriving community around the emulator, with users from around the world coming together to share insights, ideas, and technical expertise to enhance the emulator's functionality and user experience.

It's important to acknowledge that this emulator project is a voluntary labor that Osman undertook out of sheer passion. His dedication to open-source principles has allowed the community to access and contribute to the emulator's source code, enabling continuous improvements and ensuring its longevity.

As dedicated supporters of Osman's work, we aim to play our part in spreading awareness about the Archlord Emulator. We believe in the importance of preserving gaming history and providing a platform for players to relive cherished moments. By sharing Osman's work and tools, we contribute to the ongoing development of the emulator, fueling its growth and helping it evolve with the changing times.

In a world where gaming technology is rapidly advancing, the Archlord Emulator stands as a reminder that the past should not be forgotten. It's a tribute to the power of community-driven projects, the resilience of nostalgia, and the unwavering dedication of individuals like Osman who refuse to let cherished experiences fade away.

This emulator not only revitalizes a beloved game but also serves as an inspiration to the gaming community at large. Let us come together to celebrate Osman's work, support the emulator's growth, and ensure that the legacy of Archlord continues to thrive for generations to come.

All the credits goes to Osman aka AcarX

First release is a production-ready emulator + editor.
Previously used by alcadia, currently used by archonia.

Emulator compiled (bins + data) :

Patch server:


Client for emulator:

Install database + server instructions:
1. Install PostgreSQL 9.6.
2. Create database and user:
createuser -U postgres alef_user
createdb -U postgres alef
psql -U postgres (type in your password)

3. Recover dump:

pg_restore -U alef_user -d alef < database.bak

4. Change IP in configuration files:
- server\ini\server_config.ini
- patch\server_config.ini
- client\archlord.ini
5. All done. Run GameServer.exe and alefclient.exe to get into game.

You can add 'LimitCPU=1' to 'server\ini\game_config.ini' in order to reduce CPU use (it will add a sleep(1ms) to server loop). Not recommened on production server.

The attached database is a recent snapshot from archonia.
All passwords are set to 'password' (stored with random-generated salt and hashed).

GameServer.exe facilitates website access through TCP sockets.
Servers expects a zero-terminated string and responds with a zero-terminated string.
CHECK_USERNAME:username (check if username is available)
ADD_BALANCE:username:balance (add CC)
You can use PHP to setup the website, or any other web technology with TCP socket support.

Chat commands:
/add_cc amount
/create item_tid
/create item_tid stack_count
/create character_name item_tid stack_count
/spawn_instance spawn_name radius
/notice message
/ban_by_user username
/ban_by_character character_name
/get_user_by_character character_name
/unban user_name
/set_exp_rate rate
/set_gold_rate rate
/set_drop_rate rate
/set_unique_rate rate
/[un]ban_from_chat character_name
/set_max_cast value
/set_max_cooldown value
/arenadmg value (Arena damage reduction)
/setarenapts character_name points
/move x,z
/goadmin character_name
/pull character_name
/kill character_name
/set_level level
/set_even_rate rate (Event monsters)
/arena[un]ban[ranked] character_name
/addarenacoins character_name amount
/boec character_name (toggle best of each class status)

Editor configuration:
1. Open 'editor\config' file with any text editor.
2. Update various paths to wherever you've unpacked server/editor/client.

Open project source GIT:
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