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  1. JuniorDark

    [Repack] Rusty Hearts 'Reborn'

    Hey everyone, I am excited to present RustyHeartenstein , an enhanced repacked version of my initial Rusty Hearts release, available [You must be registered for see element.]. This project has been a year-long labor of love, and I'm happy to finally share it with the community. You must be...
  2. JuniorDark

    [Release] Rusty Hearts Reborn Server Files + API + Tools + VM + [Video]Tutorial

    A Repack of this release is avaliable [You must be registered for see element.]. Hello everybody, it's time for Rusty Hearts to shine again. :love: You must be registered for see element. Important Information About Client: It's almost 10 years since rusty hearts was shutdown in NA (15...