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cabal tools

  1. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Mob Pack Generator Tool for Episode 8 + Source 1.0

    Easy tool to generate NMap lines to make your custom mob spots. Source included, easy to use. You must be registered for see element.
  2. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Craft Editor for Episode 8 2.0 (Beta)

    Cabal Online Craft Editor for Episode 8 This tool working, but your file structure must be proper. Lot of error handling not done. Functions: - Create, Edit, Delete crafts and craft structures. - Edit msg variables related to crafts. - Visualize the current craft system for bug finding. -...
  3. PwrDex

    [Release] Cabal DLL Source extended version

    This is a DLL source + WorldSvr.bin for Episode 8 servers. What included: - +20 Upgrade fully working with visual - Damage Visual Fix for 65535 and above. - Passive Buff visual fix. - Dungeon Minimap icons. (May you need rework to fit your server) - Boss Messages. - Name on War and HP. -...
  4. PwrDex

    [Cabal Online] Mobs.scp Editor for Episode 8 server. 1.0

    Mobs.scp Editor for Episode 8 server. Usage: - Replace the resources in Files/ with your files. - Start the program, edit the table and Save. It will generate a MobSave.scp -> rename and upload to the server. Functions: - Filter the Mobs.scp by Dungeon Names. - Monster names are visible. -...
  5. PwrDex

    [Release] Tools for Cabal Development/Management

    Hello I'm started to upload the tools which made by me or by my friends. Those tools which not made by us, will be credited. Will update this topic during the uploading process. [Info uploaded at Resources] You must be registered for see element. + You must be registered for see element. You...