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crossfire 2.0

  1. n3k4a

    Crossfire discord Rpc showing room + ign

    Hello again I'm back as I said in the last thread here < You must be registered for see element. > image : You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element. information about it<This is b3agr the biggest copy paster on Discord > DownloadHere : You must be...
  2. xahlem

    [Tutorial] Making HGW work | Run from official Patcher/Launcher

    Making HGW work , so you won't have to run the game in shortcut and getting Hacktool Detect This will make you able to use the game official Patcher Follow: Use the VerifierMgr from ⁠links-tools . Check image for idea click Make verifier.ini Just add to the "File List of Verifier" what you...