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  1. A

    [NX coin] How get NX coins private server

    Hi! How i can get NX coin to my person in my local server? And where stored info about person? What tables used fo change NX coin and change lvl, skills character?
  2. A

    Increase exp from quest

    Hi! What table and rows need update to increase quest exp? I want increase exp from 7, 8, 9 quest.
  3. M

    MU Site Webengine Migrate to DMN CMS

    Hi, does anyone have an idea if it's possible to migrate the database from Web Engine to DMN CMS? I currently have mine up and running, but I was using the Web Engine. Now, I'm planning to use DMN CMS. Will this have an effect on the database? If I migrate, will items, credit points, and user...
  4. Eiskalt

    [Granado Espada](v28) Server Daemon Config SQL

    Greetings folks! Just a small little share of a tool I wrote to use to have an easier time configuring the ZoneServer Daemons. This tool can be further configured to distribute load across more server daemons. This can be rather helpful, as the GE Server is not the most optimized thing in the...
  5. R

    REQUEST - Grand Chase Season 2 Server files and Database.

    Uh, hello evbody, if u guys have an copy of the og (or edited, anyway) server files and database from GC S2 to send me, i'll be grateful ^^
  6. C

    Luvinia World

    Greetings! I have been looking for a game called "Luvinia World", looks like this game is really rare nowadays, but here, in Ragezone, I have found some people talking about the source and database of this game. Unfortunately the links to download the archives are now broken, so I couldn't...