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  1. mryoso1122

    [ HELP ] how can i fix this

    can you help guys for this issue advance thankyou to all master [Video] You must be registered for see element.
  2. mryoso1122

    [ guys can you help ] how can i fix this

    can you help me guys for this advance thankyou
  3. VinzWinter

    Final setup Tera 100.2 (VmWare) PAID Service

    Hello dear friends, I've installed everything of Tera 100.2 VMWare, but i think i still need some help. Someone open to the idea of helping me for the final setup ? I have my client installed too, i just don't know how to connect my VMware Tera server 100.2 with my client on my real space...
  4. B

    [help]Invisible items/Bugged hp bar.

    Just a quick question on how to fix this issue. Got a RYL1. server up and running. All servers seem to work fine.(all blue in management tool) Can login no problem. Can't seem to find anything about this in the logs like a connection issue. 1. Only shows one item equipped in...
  5. Y

    Help! About NexusTK server with old client

    So, I'm encountering a bit of trouble with the Nexustk source server that I found on this forum. I know the source is for clients with version 7.50, but I'm interested in running Nexustk with an older client version, specifically 5.xx. so, i got a server source on GitHub designed for client...
  6. Naru12

    aion 5.8 Help

    Hello. It has an Ion 5.8 server pack. 1. The first question My current server has a party (group) PVP battle The kill count is only for those who were last hit, and the kill count does not apply to those who are in the same party (group). 2. Second question When you party (group) and hunt...
  7. LycaNiaN

    [HELP] Creating custom invasion S19

    Hello, i want to make some new invasions, i add them in MonsterSpawn_Group, but dosent work good. I need to do some other edits on files to work? No one can help me to understand the invasions how to be set to work? I need to know where to set the invasions, when i set in monsterspawn_group...
  8. weedeej

    [SOLVED] LG7 Global Ranking SQL Queries

    Hi, I am developing a NextJS Web panel for server-less deployment. Does anyone know the sql queries LG7's Global ranking uses? I have no source for the the dll. The panel's image is below. Currently only using dummy data. You must be registered for see element.
  9. nane

    ChaInfo View On Rankings

    Hello guys can someone help me how to fix this. When i'm trying to click the character on ranking and try to view his info i always get this error and when i press ok it exits the game.
  10. bosxzreynan

    System Error Caused Log In Failed

    Hello guys can some one help me with this error i can't login to the game and there's an error on the Agent Server! You must be registered for see element.
  11. weedeej

    [Help] Comment.ini Failure to Load

    I am trying to create my own GLogic.rcc. But when I tried to run the game, It shows me that Comment.ini can't be loaded. The source i have is from EmpireZ. Link to the thread You must be registered for see element. Here are the steps that I did: 1. The source I got already has use_rcc param...
  12. B

    [Grand Fantasia] GF Private Server HELP !

    Hi everybody, I come because I need some help.... I try to create a serv for Grand Fantasia but..... I'm stuck with problem ! I follow the instruction with a a video i found on the discord GF pServer, and with the very good help of Soras ! (THANKS :D) But I'm stuck, when I start the client...
  13. babyranyong

    [Help] ERROR on call sp_LogAction_Insert, m_PETArray, PetGUID

    Error on Field Error on Logs.txt Error on Logs.txt
  14. Kratoss

    Mount HELP!

    Hello i'm maked new mount and when im make new mount i can't do any color change on my new mount som1 can help to me? pls :D idk why som mount have color change som mount dont have i don't under stand i hope som1 can help to me :D
  15. JOEyLUZ

    V15 Tutorial Please.

    Hi everyone, how's going? I wanted to share with you that I've followed all the forum tips regarding v15; I tested other versions like v7, and it worked great. However, I've been facing challenges in completing the installation of v15, encountering errors like 'CreateCharacter error #100,' even...
  16. SukunaSAN

    Help fix Scoreboard.

    Any suggestions on how to fix the scoreboard code. You must be registered for see element.
  17. L

    [Help] How to make Sticks to One Handed Weapons?

    Hey all, does someone know how to change Sticks to one handed weapons? I have tried to change "HD_TWO" into "HD_ONE" in the propItem.txt file, but this doesn't work :( Thanks for helping me :)
  18. M

    [Help] "97D+99i issues with the game text unreadable"

    Hey guys. Needs some help with my server, just set it up all works fine but text is almost unreadable, thought issue could be with exe resolution, played with settings for good hour but no luck, I have attached the screenshot, hopefully someone will be able to help :) Cheers:)
  19. M

    Character models

    Hi all! Comrades, the question is ripe. Perhaps someone has information or a grain of it. Please tell me if it is possible to fix character models for using all types of weapons. Well, or not everyone. For example, so that a warrior could use an assassinā€™s weapon, and at the same time there...
  20. B

    Help fix the Texture

    its happen when zoom out, but no problem when zoom in. Please help how to fix this. Thank you:) You must be registered for see element.
  21. jamebies

    invalid protocol in loadbalance how can i fix it

    invalid protocol in loadbalance how can i fix it the client is new versionYou must be registered for see element.
  22. syarifmaula

    Need Help with CashDB Error AOP and some stuff

    Hello Masters. I'm a newbie here, actually a very newbie. šŸ˜… I decided to make my own server in LAN 4 days ago. I manage to build a server it works almost perfectly. but it's quite weird because sometimes all pit bosses don't spawn, some HQ NPC only sells armor or stuff level 45 (using...
  23. Naru12

    GeoData?Error please help!

    Hello. GeoData Requesting Help I used a translator because I couldn't learn English. I'm sorry! I also have all the Geodata files. NPC or Monster running in the sky is 99% fixed. But! I just can't figure it out. It penetrates why NPC and Monster do not recognize objects. Is there anything...
  24. A

    Starting a Server [Client 7.54]

    Hi, everyone. I hope I haven't arrived too late to this forum :oops: I became curious about how the development of WYD private servers works and ended up finding a great series by Rechdan creating a server using NodeJS. I followed the series and decided to start developing a server for the BR...
  25. manspw

    ERROR:NET_LOGIN_DATA Wrong Message Size

    You must be registered for see element. When i tried to log in i have this issue ERROR:NET_LOGIN_DATA Wrong Message Size I've searched almost all of the threads here at RageZone and youtube and google and i didn't find the cause of this error btw im running this at Hamachi When i tried to...