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  1. erSax

    Teralore.com is down?

    Hi there, Does anyone know what happened to teralore.com? I get 405 error. It doesn't look good, the web archive version of the site doesn't work either. You must be registered for see element.
  2. mendennis

    My client do not open with my virtual server

    Good night, I downloaded the virtual server and client files contained in another post: You must be registered for see element. I was able to run the virtual machine normally, and I configured her local network ip. When I tried to open the client, I managed to register the account, and the...
  3. Succubus

    Server Setup + Client Done.. Friends can register but not login..

    Hello i have issue with friends login to my server.. I am using API.exe from some ... chinese different files but without it dont let me connect my self Server V2.5 with working client... on my side i can join Friend can register via his IP/PC address(i do see his account in SQL) but unable to...