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  1. notwonderful


    You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element. Required PHP version is 8.2+ Time spent on the user panel is about one and a half days. Please note that the user panel is made for the soul, therefore any claims are inappropriate. Features Login / Registration /...
  2. obamabf2

    [Tutorial] Manual PHP installation

    The video was recorded with audio in Portuguese, but if you follow the steps following the video, you will be able to replicate it on your machine. You must be registered for see element. DOWNLOAD : You must be registered for see element.
  3. shiank98

    Simple PW Registration script with Captcha

    You must be registered for see element. Code might not be the best ever but I just wanted to share this with everyone. Features This was based on the original registration scripts lying around here Added Bootstrap 5.3 for the simple design Added a built in Captcha with verification Feel...
  4. m70b1jr

    [Help] Upgrading From PHP 5.3.28 to PHP 8.2

    Hey guys! This is going to be a weird post, but essentially, I was curious if anyone here has managed to upgrade to PHP 8.2, and could verify somethings for me. I actually managed to update from 5.3.28 -> 8.2, but I didn't need to edit any of the PHP files. I actually uninstalled 5.3 to...
  5. S

    Send Private Message (PM)

    This code below pw-api sends messages globally. public function WorldChat( $role, $msg, $channel ) { $pack = pack("CCN", $channel, 0, $role) . $this->gamed->packString( $msg ) . $this->gamed->packOctet( '' ); return $this->gamed->SendToProvider(...
  6. U


    Stalker webgame based on php Its my 2 work so be good connect in connect.php(database) You must be registered for see element.
  7. HaTRiCK

    Website design concept For Rohan

    Hello, I made website design for rohan and i want to share the results with you , and i hope that you like it .