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runes of magic

  1. Fluux

    Anyone got a "Guide" for The Map Creator ?

    As title says im a little confused from the creator i cant seem to find where to get the objects from for a map. How do i get the map (after finish) loaded into a server ? A written/video guide would be dope And is it normal that the Creator crashes often ?
  2. Fluux

    Stuck on Server Start // SQL DB's seem empty

    Hello, im trying to set up my own little playground server but im stuck now on the step where i need to start the server. When i open the server Monitor i only get the orange and not green. Ive Already reinstalled both (controller/monitor) ive copied the data back to the folders as many wrote...
  3. Myohee

    RoM Map Creator

    Hello i'm new on this site and want to share some Runes of Magic content :D
  4. E

    [SERVER][CLIENT][VIDEOTUTO]Runes of Magic Full OneForAll - Version 6.5.2

    There is a torrent and Gdrive of One for All on zip original files and video tuto from MUPU of this forum. Download - [TORRENT] Multiple Servers ___________________ OneForAll [TORRENT] You must be registered for see element. | You must be registered for see element. | You must be registered...