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  1. B

    Digimon RPG Setup Guide

    This is in reference to Angemon's latest release: You must be registered for see element. Tools Required: Visual Studio 2017 (Professional) : You must be registered for see element. Visual Studio Code (for www folder ease of use). I used Windows Store for this. HxD Hex Editor : You must be...
  2. chaaanito

    Cabal Server ep2/ep8 Docker (Alpine Linux w/ Self-Hosted Controller ZeroTier)

    First of all I want to give all the credits to Artem. If you want to self-host, or play remotely behind a NAT. System Requirements: Alpine Linux 2 Cores 2gb Ram 10gb Disk You must be registered for see element.
  3. ninjastorm

    WZ How to import face and hairs from v117 to v83 for dummies

    Requirements: v117 MapleStory, your v83 WZ files with your localhost, harepacker for wz editing, and ollydbg. First things first. wz editing Go to harepacker and open up your character.wz from your v83 folder. (make sure it's open it as GMS old) Next, click the plus button on hairs and delete...
  4. Jaguar00

    Tutorial Setup Aion Server Emulator (From (0) Install Java To Final)

    I will shere my video uncut for setup aion, i use emulator from ragezone u can download in forum ragezone all emulator basicly same about setup server emulator aion this from 0 nothing install program java, all setup from zero to final You must be registered for see element.
  5. G

    Help-me pls ! I am stuck on chinese tutorial

    Hello, Recently I downloaded files to install a private dragon nest server: You must be registered for see element. I followed the first part of the tutorial which was to install the sql server database (2019). All went well except that the password had to be a strong password. The installation...
  6. joaowars776

    How to Create MuOnline Server - One-Click Portable Server [S18.1]

    Free version of DevEMU S18.1 (a video to test some things) You must be registered for see element. One-Click & Portable version my content is aimed at children with the intention of any age being able to replicate it, everyone can try note: this video was a test, the content is fully...