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  1. oktaybey304

    Warz Website installation help

    Hello, I am new to game installations. I installed the game, but I keep getting errors when installing the website. I installed the website on a different Linux server than the game server, the cpanel one. But it keeps giving connection errors. I made all the changes in the SQL space in the...
  2. obamabf2

    [Tutorial] Manual PHP installation

    The video was recorded with audio in Portuguese, but if you follow the steps following the video, you will be able to replicate it on your machine. You must be registered for see element. DOWNLOAD : You must be registered for see element.
  3. V

    WarZ in UE5

    A while ago, I decided it would be much easier for me to move WarZ to UE5 than set up a server, and I'm quite pleased with the progress so far. Of course, it's just a few assets and textures transferred to another engine, but considering the process needed to go from .scb to .obj and then to...
  4. djerngremix

    unreal protect and inject detect. How can I install them?

    unreal protect and inject detect. How can I install them? You must be registered for see element. You must be registered for see element. inject detect. I know how to install it. I'd like a little more advice from experts.
  5. m70b1jr

    [Help] Chilkat / Curl & SSL?

    Hey guys! I know I made a post (about 3 years ago) asking if anyone had updated to the newest version of Chilkat, and was wondering if there was more people who had, or anyone who's moved to curl that would point me in the right direction. On-top of that, I was curious if anyone was using SSL...
  6. djerngremix

    rsbuilds error!

    000608.503| !!! ERROR: r3dFSCompress::CompressFile() can't open Data\ObjectsDepot\G3_Weapons_Ammo\Textures\Ammo_5_56?45mm_Diffuse.dds 000608.503| ... exiting Please help me. I apologize for the mistake.
  7. ThichQuangDuc

    Infestation: Europe (Old Infestation type server)

    You must be registered for see element. For nostalgia lovers, we have opened our old (2020) type of infestation survival stories presentation. If you miss the old days, join us. :) Here are some features: Colorado only. (PVP). No PVE Server. Global inventory is open. Durability system is...
  8. kdinhorama

    Introducing myself!!!

    hello! i want to create a warz dedicated server! :D
  9. ddydyt

    WarZ-how to spawn item in map ?

    first of all, i'm sorry about my bad english, maybe has some syntax problem.:censored: friends wants to play WarZ, so i build a private Warz server following this guide : You must be registered for see element. every step is good, but the item not spawn, every building, every spawn point...