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  1. J

    please help?

  2. R

    Support to creat Warz Server

    Hi everyone, Im here to asking for help to create a server. Whats the first steps to do that ? Thank you a lot.
  3. djerngremix

    How do I convert warz .bin files to .pak.

    You must be registered for see element.
  4. E

    Web Site Warz Alpha

    Could anyone teach how to add the complete warz alpha website to the server?
  5. DouglasPro

    [Tutorial] how to put water particles in explosion near rivers

    Here's a simple tutorial on how to add water particles to bombs that explode near streams or rivers. You must be registered for see element. C:\WarZ\bin\Data\MaterialTypes.xml -> open in notepad++ or visualcode++ You must be registered for see element. after seeing this leave the code like...