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  1. yuval07

    WebEngine 1.2.4 failed to Connect DB (MuOnline)

    Hi guys, i need help plz I have had an active server for 2 years, I use WebEngine CMS 1.2.4 site files and recently I had an IP address changed in the VPS storage and this caused me to get an error message on the site saying that the site is not connected to the DB The message I get...
  2. M

    MU Site Webengine Migrate to DMN CMS

    Hi, does anyone have an idea if it's possible to migrate the database from Web Engine to DMN CMS? I currently have mine up and running, but I was using the Web Engine. Now, I'm planning to use DMN CMS. Will this have an effect on the database? If I migrate, will items, credit points, and user...
  3. S

    MSSQL Server 2008 + Xampp connectivity issue

    Greetings, RageZoners! I have encountered a serious problem with establishing a connection to my MSSQL server. I've tried pretty much every fix there is on the internet(including solutions from Spanish forums, etc.). Please mind, this problem stops me from installing WebEngine but when working...
  4. S

    WebEngine - Could not connect to database (1)

    Greetings, RageZoners! I am trying to set up the open source WebEngine CMS from webenginecms.org. Currently, I am stuck with establishing the connection with my MSSQL server(using SQL Express)You must be registered for see element. Here is what I've tried: Used "localhost", "" and...