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  1. aeza

    Bubble ninja

    Does anyone have the source code file for the game Bubble Ninja? Please send it to me. Please. You must be registered for see element.
  2. Kagayakashi

    [Development] Cloud Mu Online (Browser game)

    Hey, everyone! I wanted to share some exciting news with you all: I've begun working on a project called Cloud Mu Online! It's a browser text-based game that partially recreates the mechanics and features of the original Mu Online. One of the project's highlights is that it's a browser game...
  3. RatN

    WebGame REQUEST WebGame like Granblue Fantasy

    Hi, everyone~ Do you have any recommendations for open source webgames like Granblue Fantasy? This multiplatform game can be played via PC or mobile browser. Gameplay
  4. M

    WebGame Tribal Wars -Instalação Facil-

    BUGS 1- Main page sometimes does not login and registration has to try several times or clear cache to get 2- Home Page is not working You must be registered for see element. 3- Pagina dos itens bugados na estatua You must be registered for see element. 4- Clay well does not show the...
  5. U

    WebGame Stalker(PHP)

    Stalker webgame based on php Its my 2 work so be good connect in connect.php(database) You must be registered for see element.
  6. ArmorTage

    What is the official name of this game?

    Now I find a very frequent appearance of private servers with this game, can anyone know the original name of the game, preferably an alternative even in Chinese. Tired of looking for the sources of this game. In play market its blade chaos or immortal legends. (No ad)