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Announcement on RageStock Details

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Feb 18, 2003
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I can't take all these, "make it this date, no make it that date" ****. So I'm going to make a date which is suitable for MOST people. I'm sorry if you are unable to make it.

The date will be posted as soon as I've talked with Morph - we're having problems with accomadation. It may be that you either have to goto a B+B or bring a tent. I'm sorry guys, but I have tried to find somewhere, but it's very hard. :(


Also, you will NEED the following. If you don't bring them, then it's gonna be VERY hard for you to have fun at RageStock.

Money - don't bring TOO much. As 1) It won't be needed and 2) It may get lost. If you can, bring a bank/debit/credit card and get the money at the bank or a supermarket.

Mobile Phone - if you don't have one, borrow one, if you can't borrow one, steal one, and if you're too dignified to steal one, I'll try get you one. :p

A tent - if you can't get to a B+B - Bring one. Or try and find someone to share with.

Toiletries - Don't be all rough, be smoooooth. :p

If you are under 16 - Bring someone OVER 18. I can not be held responsible for you!

Sort out how you are going to get there NOW. Make sure you will arrive at Newcastle Central Station main exit for 1pm.

More details to follow in the next 12 hours. :)