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[APP Request] Auto-Updae via web

Jun 27, 2003
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I know there is a few utils that update via ftp but given that i have a max of 32k/sec upload i dont think this is the best idea at all. I was wondering if anyone has written a updater than can access a web space instead and get the files that way - this would make it a lot faster.

Kaori has a program written in Java which does this very thing but without the source i cannot identify where it is going wrong (i think its the web host myself) and She is currently going to look at it for me ... but... in the mean time - is there any other apps you lot have written or found which achives the same thing.

In the mean time Ill have a sit down and see what i knock up in either VB or Delphi cos i dont know Java to save my life. Mechanics are quite easy I guess - go to a location, grab a file with the listing as per Updater normally, then work out what files it needs, downloads them, extracts them and overwrites the file in the root.