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[B]ToP Private Server Guide [/B]

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Dec 31, 2009
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Hello i will show to you're how to create a Private Server Tales Of Pirates v1.35 (my mode) first of all download the files at: after extract them and download mssql server 2000.
start ! In Server Files...
Open AccountServer.CFG... Where you look the IP: you have to put your hamachi server IP i will put mine...
delete the "userid" and "passw" put your hamachi ip where you look billserver1 and billserver2 too
after do this the same at the GroupServer.CFG GameServer.CFG and GateServer.CFG.... deleting the user "game" and the passw.... After is time to attach your server files...

Open: Start >> All Programs >> SQL Server >> Enterprise Manager Right Click on Database >> New Task >> Atacch Database
Click on "..." and Search for your server files...
Open the: accountserver_data.MDF
as name Put: "AccountServer" and user put "sa"
Now do the same with gamedb... attach gamedb_Data.MDF
as name put: "GameDB" and User "sa"
Now... download the Patch Maker at and Extract Them to ToP Folder...
Open IP Changer is a icon "seven" And in First Line Put: Server in 2nd Put Your Server name and in 3rd put your server hamachi IP "where you looks"...
After this Go to your Server Files... Open: resource and copy the ItemInfo.bin...
Go to Your ToP Folder "where you putted patch" scripts >> table >> and Copy this here...
After go to your Server Files Folder use Server Launcher to Open AccountServer.exe , GameServer.exe , GroupServer.exe , GateServer.exe ...
wait all load and open Start.bat in ToP folder

Gm Accounts....
Before Play you need know What account to use...
Go to Start >> All Programs >> SQL Server >> Query Analizer ...
as name put sa and password put same passa what you putted when you install SQL 2000....
At Left Open AccountServer >> User Tables >> dbo.account_login right click and Open It...
all account Have same Password 123456....

Good Luck !!!

More Info add me in msn: rafinhakbessa@hotmail.com

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Ohh in GroupServer.CFG where you look IP: Put your server IP too !
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Jul 1, 2012
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LOL But i want SQL 2000 LINK cant find in all links for Windows 7
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Apr 15, 2015
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Hi bro pls provide new link because its totally dead link