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Jun 10, 2008
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Yo Guys, i found a good Bleach game, this game has a function where Shinigami will versus the Hollow or the Hollow will versus the Shinigami,
Here is what i mean, once you click this link below.

You'll be re-direct to a page, there'll be two group , one is Shinigami other is Hollows.
You'll choose for your preferred group and joined in the community, this will be a war soon,
so brush up your skills and grind some shinigamis/hollow which the new ranking system,

Shinigami List

Level 1 - 6 > Student
Level 6 - 10 > Squad Member
Level 10- 20 > Ranking Officer
Level 20- ?? > Captain

Hollow List

Level 1 - 6 > Minion
Level 6 - 10 > Devouring Beast
Level 10- 20 > Adjuchas (No Mask Hollow)
Level 20- ?? > Vasto Lorde (Arrancer)

There are leader in the two sides,
Default Leader is Aizen and Yamamoto.
come join the community of this game,

Btw im from Hollow.