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DJ Krush

I wish
Nov 15, 2005
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I heard him play on Last.fm a few hours ago.
The beat is real good.

Does anyone know about him?

Light(Can You See It] is a real good song.
I've been repeating it on last.fm.

Hideaki Ishii was born in 1962 in Tokyo.
After watching the film 'Wild Style' in the early '80s, he was inspired, bought some turntables, and started to learn the art of turntablism. In 1987, he formed the KRUSH POSSE, which made numerous appearances as a group in late 1992 and gained him recognition by becoming the first DJ in Japan to perform with live musicians.
He released his first album 'Krush' which stated his presence in the scene, and he has since released eight more.
He has had recording contracts with Chance Records, Ninety Nine Records, Mo-Wax (he was the first Japanese artist to join them), Apollo and Sony/Columbia.
He works internationally as a producer, remixer, DJ and recording artist, bringing the unique flavour of Japanese hip-hop to the world.

Can anyone recommend any similar artists/tracks ?

I've been listening it by going to and going through the artists till it gets to DJ Krush, 4-5 tracks
Legendary Battlemage
Nov 18, 2006
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man if you want a good DJ krush get with grace ( feat boss the Mc) -zen
trihedron [stray mix]- Steppin Stones The Self Remixed Best Soundscapes
Zen Approach (Feat Black Thought)-Zen
hes got ill beats and fades and IMO is the best DJ