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Enforcing forum rules for a better experience

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Sep 10, 2003
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I'm getting crap for enforcing the rules, i made rules for this forum which MentaL agrees with, we don't want some cheap butt spammed forum.
So you may say who cares about a double post, well i do, it's as easy to click that edit button as clicking that reply button, and since the rules say that you shouldn't double post then why do it?
Most people don't violate the rules, but a few of you do, and then give me crap about it.
Also when i tell you about it isn't anything personal, that's purely doing my mod jobs right.
I know that isn't always a big deal but the thing is if i allow 1 person to double post then other people will too, and then they will triple post etc.

So just follow the rules and enjoy your stay here. :)
Not open for further replies.