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EuphoriaMU, Full PVP-PVM Server

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May 23, 2023
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EuphoriaMU, Full PVP-PVM Server
👉Version: Season 3 Epi 1 Original (with own modifications)
👉Exp : 6000x
👉Drop: 60%
👉Reset : Cumulative
👉Reset LvL: 360 (ingame)
👉PvP: Classic and Balanced
👉AntiCheat : Premium
👉Full Stats : 32767
👉Support : 24/7
👉Sports: All Maps.

vanlangn754 - EuphoriaMU, Full PVP-PVM Server - RaGEZONE Forums

Although we currently do not have the number of users that we would like to have on our server, we still rely on our great stability to be online for many
years more and that's why despite some small errors as happened last week with Castle Siege, since the balance was literally horrible, despite everything we continue working
In order to make our server even more attractive for our loyal players and the new ones that have been joining our server, I will leave a detailed list of all of them below.
the new changes in our beautiful server.
- Custom Fog Effect "Haze"
The Fog effect was improved to give a more classic touch to our server, you will be able to notice the change on all the maps.
- Battle Event Map
Said map did not have enough impact to be attractive and also the event was not configured in the best way, therefore the map was deleted and the event was made from 0.
- Stadium City Map and Winged Event Map
These two areas were removed, now we have the ORIGINAL Mu Online private servers Stadium map again!
- New Map Nilfheim
This new map comes to EuphoriaMU along with a number of events and invasions, the Battle Event and Winged Dragon will now appear on this map.
- Menu "M" "Maps"
The whole system was set from 0, now it correctly shows the level needed to go to each map and the cost of Zen.
- Menu "M" New map Added
Added AIDA 2 to our "M" Menu and removed Winged Dragon Event Zone.
- MiniMap window
Changes were made to some images since they had our previous URL drawn, the changed maps are.. Stadium,Lorencia,Noria,Atlans.
- Draconite Tier 2 Invasion Event
Said monsters now appear only in Nilfheim, the message when defeating the Monster has also been changed. " [DRACO EVENT] Player ??? defeated Draco Tier 2 Nilfheim Map"
- Draconite Tier 1 Invasion Event
Removed the invasion from Icarus Map and added invasions on Nilfheim Map, also changed coordinates of all Draconite Tier 1 invasions, maps remain the same
taking out Icarus who was eliminated.
- Battle Event and Winged Dragon BOSS
The attack damage of said monsters was adjusted since it had a very fast attack and the animations were not visible, the defense of the BOSS Battle was also adjusted since it was very high.
-Rabbit Invasion
Rabbit now also invades the Nilfheim map.
- Lucky Event "Bulls"
Lucky now also invades the Nilfheim map.
- Client FPS
The FPS and stability of our game were increased again.
- New Ancient
All the ancient ones are already added to our server, at the moment there is only the MOK Ancient for purchase.
A new event will be added to be able to obtain Ancient items with 3 exe options.
We really hope that all these changes will be liked by our players, we are doing our best to improve the server, regarding the balance of Castle Siege it is already a priority
improve it.
This patch will be active on our server on 04.27.2023 at 3:00 p.m. Argentina, as it is a somewhat heavy patch, you can update the game from the Launcher as usual or download
the patch in rar format and extract it into your Client.
Staff Team,