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Formulas for attack rate, defense rate and defense

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Feb 1, 2015
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Hello, RZers!

I working on the mu project and I need formulas that calculates actual player damage and hit chance that depends on defense, defense rate, attack and attack rate.

1. How to calculate hit chance (%) with attack_rate and defense_rate?
2. How to calculate damage with attack_damage and defense?

I was thinking that its just like that defense_rate/attack_rate*100.
but after several tests I see that there is huge problems with hit for Energy based characters, but in game there is no problems with hit for Energy characters.
So i dont think this formulas is true.

I dont know if someone even know such formulas, because how I understand everybody working with server files. Client is not researched yet so much, only main.exe.

So feel free to suggest your own formula, we can make it better.
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