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Friend can no longer connect to private server online

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Jul 5, 2023
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Hello, I set up shadow66's 100.02 VM server a little while back, and was able to put it online for whoever I share the launcher with to connect. Me and my friend collaborated on it as he has a better secondary PC for it so I used teamviewer to connect to his machine and set everything up remotely.

After I put it online me and whoever else we sent the launcher to were able to connect fine (he's in the usa and I'm in brazil), and my friend, who as far as we can tell is in the same local network as the other machine as they're both connected to the same router (not 100% sure on this, my knowledge of networking stuff is limited), was also able to connect to the server through the internet perfectly fine, which did surprise me at the time as I'd heard that could be a problem.

Recently however, with -no- changes to his computer, the server computer, what cables connect where and his router configuration (outside of the PC's themselves being turned off and on from time to time), he lost the ability to connect to the server from his computer, while I, who don't live anywhere near him, can still connect 100% fine, and we're not sure why or how to fix it.

We have tried to have him turn off his firewall and nothing, and the VM's firewall is also off as we're still just testing things.