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Gay Brother - "Ragezone's lil Big brother"

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Feb 18, 2003
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Day 1 in the RZ House of Gayness

Day 1

The following people have been chosen to enter the RZ Gay House:


(Sorry, I'll add more people as we go along)

Day 1: The Housemates meet for the first time

Capricorn: Hey Morphix, you looking mighty fine today. ;)
Morphix: Why thank you Capricorn, you're looking sharp yourself.
DTB: I'm gay.

*Everyone stares at DTB. DTB cries and runs into the corner.*

Tupac: Pity the foo'.
Morphix: Pity ya ma.

*Fight between Tupac and Morphix begins - Morphix ends up having his lights knocked out*

Tupac: I r teh win. :D
MasterD: You showed him Tupac, you are teh pr0!
SIC: Yup, pr0 I tell thee.
Neosparky: Men :no: You always acting like children. Not like us women, isn't that right EvilKitten.
EvilKitten: Yep, we're grown-up whilst you little boys just fight.
SIC: OI! I ain't little.

*SIC pulls out erect penis to the disgust of most of the house apart from DTB who finds delight.*

DTB: Put it away big boy! You'll put an eye out with that!
SIC: Awww shucks :ehwatever
Neosparky: I've seen bigger tbh.
Evilkitten: So have I.
Steel: Me too errrr... I never said anything. :D

*SIC cries like a girl*

Exclamation: SIC you cat, get up and take it like a man.

*Exclamation gives SIC a roundhouse kick*

Exclamation: Cha'mone motherlover!

Gay Brother: This is Gay Brother, will Exclamation come to the Orgy Room.
Exclamation: FFS!!!

*Exclamation goes to the Orgy Room*

Gay Brother: Exc, you do know that kicking other housemates to poop is against the rules?
Exclamation: Sorry. :(
Gay Brother: It's ok, he deserved it anyways.
Exclamation: Woo Hoo! :D

*Meanwhile, the housemates have gone into the small pool*

Bazi: Wow I never knew you could get bubble-jets in pools

*Hydra leaves the pool*

Bazi: WTF! Where did all the bubbles go?

*Everyone looks at Hydra*

Hydra: What?

*Everyone looks at Hydra again*

Omen: Get back in the pool, we need the bubbles!
Neosparky: He's been farting in this pool hasn't he?
Everybody: Yup.

*Neosparky gets out of the pool. EvilKitten stays and everyone stares at her b00bies. Feeling anxious, she also leaves.*

Capricorn: FFS what are we gonna look at now?
MasterD: We could look at my butt.
Everyone in the pool: Bleh, why not?
Tupac: Hell no, I got a gf and I ain't ghey.
Bazi: Me neither!
Steel: Ummm........ you got a nice butt MasterD? :D

*Bazi, Omen and Tupac stare at Steel*

Steel: :cry: I'm not sure of my sexuallity I tell you!

*Everyone moves away from Steel, except DTB who goes closer*

Sic: Anyways, I'm off to bed. Night all.
Everyone: Night night.

Sic: Bwahahaha

*Sic, whilst in his room, pulls a squirrel out of his suitcase.*

Sic: Ok Mr. Nutbar, go my pretty - go kill Exclamation!

*Mr. Nutbar runs out of the room, and suicide dives into the pool and starts biting at Exclamation's face*

Exclamation: You son of a witch, get the duck off my face! Judo Chop!

*Mr. Nutbar recieves a fatal blow to the neck and dies.*

Omen: Squirrel got pwned tbh.
Morphix: tbh I pwn ya ma.
Omen: True


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