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L2J [GUIDE]My New and Old Reset System

Junior Spellweaver
Jun 22, 2004
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Hello guys.

I give here all ppls my two reset scripts , script 1 is for servers where is online and the secound script is for all ppls who make a wipe or a new server ;)

The Max. on reset is 4 , and dont set it higher or lower , than you have problems in the new Reset System

In all packs do you must have Level 80 and Gold Bars.

for Reset 1 = 5 Gold Bars ,
for Reset 2 = 10 Gold Bars ,
for Reset 3 = 15 Gold Bars ,
for Reset 4 = 20 Gold Bars

You can change it to Adena or other Items who is count.
Tis stap come later.

Reset old System :

1. Create in your database in table characters a new field.
name = resets
type = int
Length = 5
Decimal = 0
Not allow NULL
Set Value to 1

2. Edit the reset_config.php in the configs folder

3. Upload the reset.php ; top_resets.php and the folder configs

4. Open the file reset.php and test it now ;)

New Reset System :

1. Add the reset_patch.txt in your Eclipse

2. Excuse the resets.sql with Navicat or other MySQL Clients.

3. Edit the reset_config.php in the configs folder.

4. Upload all files out of the folder reset and upload the configs folder too.

5. Open the reset.php and reset your character.

Edit the Item :

open the reset.php

search this = item_id='2807' and edit the 2807 to 57 or other

Set the count , for this search $checkgold=$reset[0]*5; , edit the 5 only , this is the count.

The count is multiply from reset to reset

Reset 1 multiply count = xxxx , and etc.

To last search this : You dont have enought Gold Bars and edit the full text (You dont have enought Gold Bars!<br>You have only $gold Gold Bars!<br>You must have $checkgold Gold Bars for your next Reset !<br> , nothing more.

Save the file and Upload the file again.

In the Packs you can find the right Toplists to the Reset way.

My favorit is the New Reset System. I use this.

Sry 4 my bad English^^ I hope all Understand this^^

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Skilled Illusionist
Aug 13, 2006
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where I can lower this?
you placed some link for download?
I liked this system, very seems to be good also.

you can speak with the devs of l2jfree you also stop for this system.
Junior Spellweaver
Jun 22, 2004
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Here the Downloads again , Use only 1 of this systems nothing both systems.

Yes its work for L2JFree , you must add per hand on other systems.

Edit :

To set the Reset Limit lower search in reset.php this :

elseif ($reset[0] == 5){
echo "You have your 4 resets full!<br>"; }

for max 1 reset change the 5 to 2
for max 2 reset change the 5 to 3
for max 3 reset change the 5 to 4

and edit the 4 to your max reset ,too.
for max 1 reset change the 4 to 1
for max 2 reset change the 4 to 2
for max 3 reset change the 4 to 3

Set it not higher only lower
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Junior Spellweaver
Jun 22, 2004
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I have found 2 little errors in the scripts.

New Reset System :

Open the reset_list.php

Edit this :
$Result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM resets order by resets desc limit 100") or die(mysql_error());

to this :

$Result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM resets WHERE resets > 1 order by resets desc limit 100") or die(mysql_error());

and Delete $DBConn = .....

Tip for all Users who use the account table in other database ( self MySQL server )

than search in reset.php this :
and edit it to :

and search this :
characters ( Z:14,23,26,79,124,169,214 ) and resets ( Z:31,99,144,189,234,258 ) and items ( Z:35,109,154,199,244 )
and set befor it :
( YourGameServerDatabasename.characters ; YourGameServerDatabasename.resets and YourGameServerDatabasename.items )

Error 2 :

Search this : ( Z:281 )
<option value='4_53_108512_-174026_-400'>Dwarfen</option>

and add this </select> on the end.

<option value='4_53_108512_-174026_-400'>Dwarfen</option></select>

So work this script in IE too ;)