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GZMap 0.1

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Jun 26, 2009
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All credits go to Legion for making it.. I am simply posting it here.

Alright, GZMap v 0.1 is released.
This might be the last release with new features.
I'll probably continue to fix bugs that arise though.
New features:
Multithreaded BSP splitting.
Threading can be controlled with the -nothread and -threads N flags.
Where the first turns off threading and the second e.g. -threads 16, would let GZMap use 16 threads.
If no flags were used it will use NrCpus*2 threads.

Lightmap ID bug.
When faces were split i didn't set the lightmap ID, so it used the first lightmap.
Some other minor fixes.

Inorder to use GZMap with radiant look at the section below.
If you are upgrading from previous version you don't have to install radiant again.
The same goes for fsrad.

Download and install GTKRadiant.

Download gzmap and install:

Download the radiocity processor fsrad(so you can create lightmaps):
Extract this archive into the folder where you installed GTKRadiant.
Start GTKRadiant and select GunZ Online as game.
Configure path to point to where you created your working folder(in step #1).
Let's rock

Why isn't fsrad included in the installer?
Well, it has to do with licensing, it's opensource but im not sure if the license model is supported.
I have to check with the sourceforge staff first if im allowed to host it.

And yes, I have permission from him to post it here.

Edit: Here is the original thread.
What year is this?
Nov 12, 2008
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its 1.0, not 0.1 lol
well for lighting it doesnt realy help lol, but fixes some other bugs.