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Her Phone

I wish
Nov 15, 2005
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Alisha has a red phone.
I like red.
It's the color of her name.
Her name is Alisha.
She was mine.
Now I call her Amy.
Amy has green eyes.
Red lips.
And a blue tie.
She know's it.
It's a suprise.
She must not know.
For I am in love.
Amy has a blanket.
It's white.
The color of her soul.
She wrote in her letters.
"It's orange" she said.
But I didn't believe her,
because she has a red phone.
The phone has 3 buttons.
They're all yellow.
It has a big cup on it's shoulders.
They're violet.
It has tea in it.
The tea is red.
Amy is her name,
but I call her Jenny.
Jenny is my love.
She smiles and the world smiles back at her.
I love Jenny.
Where is my Jenny?
Is she gone?
Where could she be?
Jenny is perfection in it's finest form.
She's mine.
Am I going crazy? No.
These aren't drugs.
This is a cup of tea.
It's filled with violet.
Violet is the sky.
Her hair is black.
The color of my soul.
I can see it.
But I can't tell you.
Is she there?
She's perfect and she's mine.
I must walk the path to win her heart.
It's mine. She's mine.
Where is she?
She is gone.
Where did she go?
Isabella, don't leave me.
Are they all the same ?
They can't be.

I want her phone.
It's not red.
She painted it.
It's blue.
Her eyes are blue.
Her phone has 5 buttons.
They're all green.
Is the phone green?
I believe in blue.
Blue is my path.
Why is that you may ask.

It's a secret.
My secret.
It's mine.
I own it.
It belongs to me.
I want it.
She has it.
But why ?
These voices in my mind are telling me to paint my phone.
But why?
I like Isabella. But she isn't mine.
She doesn't have a phone.​
I wish
Nov 15, 2005
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It hurts.
Like a stone on my heart.
It's a needle in my eye.
She has two phones.
She is behind me
But I can't see her
I can sense her
But I can't see her
Am I going crazy?
Is this depression?
Is this love?
What is it?
I need a phone
Or else I can't catch Isabella.
Where is my Isabella.
Do you know, Ionic?
Do you know, Schizo?
I'm lost in time
I can't sense time.
Her phone is missing.
She has two phones.
But why?
Why have two when you have a red one?
My eyes are telling me a lie.
She's infront of me.
I know.
But why?
I need a phone.
Where's the paint.
I need to paint a phone.
The sky is blue.
Why blue?
Why not black?
That's it.
I know it is.
But why?
I don't know.
I can sense it.
I can't stop
Why can't I stop?
I need to know the answer
I have to find out
Is it true.
Is my mind playing tricks on me?
Why is it doing it to me?
I can sense something.
It's Jennifer.
She left me.
I didn't have a phone..​