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How about...

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Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 24, 2004
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hm i just thik that som one can make a guide about skills but not that what it is right now i meen the real guide for players like wich monster drop wich one skill ;]
Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 24, 2004
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can som one give me link to topic whit skill gide about what monster drop what skill i hear that it is some wher in here but i cant find it
Junior Spellweaver
Jun 20, 2004
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if u know some thai language here u go:

lol :)
Newbie Spellweaver
Jan 24, 2004
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ok sence that all of u is so lazy the here u go ;]


ice arrow v.1 - memora,lucy
ice arrow v.2 - caterian
ice arrow v.3 - big caterian, hammered

fire striker v.1 - memora
fire striker v.2 - big caterian
fire striker v.3 - templenigt, hammer

lighting ball v.1 - memora
lighting ball v.2 - caterian
lighting ball v.3 - hammered

ice wind v.1 - templenigt,amadys
ice wind v.2 - polk
ice wind v.3 - vonoy,resca

fire tornado v.1 - breas
fire tornado v.2 - polk
fire tornado v.3 - vonoy

power thunder V.1 - templenigt
power thunder V.2 - noblen
power thunder v.3 - poulnitz

ice fog v.1 - ravak
ice fog v.2 - olgoc
ice fog v.3 - pharack

fire field v.1 - ravak, hell caterian
fire field v.2 - olgoc
fire field v.3 - pharack

energy circle v.1 - ravak
energy circle v.2 - olgoc
energy circle v.3 - kukadon

ice rath v.1 - pharak
ice rath v.2 - dark memora,dark olgoc,dommed moulek
ice rath v.3 - khastol,randel hound

meteo v.1 - pharack
meteo v.2 - dark olgoc,dark memora
meteo v.3 - khastol

Thunder storm v.1 - pharack,
Thunder storm v.2 - dark olgoc,dark memora
Thunder storm v.3 - TORTUER

blizard v.1 - higel
blizard v.2 - dameratone
blizard v.3 - khun

dragob breathe v.1 - dameratone
dragob breathe v.2 - jakaka
dragob breathe v.3 - khun

lighting field v.1 - higel,dameratone
lighting field v.2 - khun
lighting field v.3 - hell vonoy

ice shadow v.1 - pomang
ice shadow v.2 - yahgon
ice shadow v.3 - wimos

whisper of hell v.1 - pomang
whisper of hell v.2 - hertz
whisper of hell v.3 - yahgon

fury of thor v.1 - pomang
fury of thor v.2 - hertz
fury of thor v.3 - yahgon

hp absorber V.1 - memora
hp absorber v.2 - caterian,big caterian
hp absorber V.3 - hammered

mp absorber v.1 - templenigt
mp absorber v.2 - grayhag
mp absorber v.3 - polk

lighting wave v.1 - memora
lighting wave v.2 - memora
lighting wave v.3 - caterian


cross harsh V.1 - memora
cross harsh V.2 - caterian
cross harsh v.3 - big caterian

rizsh v.1 - templenigt
rizsh v.2 - noblen
rizsh v.3 - resca

stratsu v.1 - ravak
stratsu v.2 - olgoc,dugusu
stratsu v.3 - pharack,kukadon

bonzpa v.1 - dark olgoc, glue
bonzpa v.2 - dark olgoc, khastol,tortuer
bonzpa v.3 - jakaka, Yataka

karazden v.1 - dameratone
karazden v.2 - khun
karazden v.3 - herz

heal V.1 - memora,
heal V.2 - epulopa, lucy
heal v.3 - big caterian

athea v.1 - graeyhag
athea v.2 - polk,resca
athea V.3 - hell caterian

warath v.1 - olgoc
warath v.2 - dugusu
warath v.3 - kumanon

shield v.1 - kukadon
shield v.2 - pharack
shield v.3 - dark olgoc

ice shield v.1 - higel
ice shield v.2 - sonos??
ice shield v.3 - khun

fire shield v.1 - higel
fire shield v.2 - sonos??
fire shield v.3 - khun

lighting shield v.1 - dark saint,dameratone
lighting shield v.2 - sonos
lighting shield v.3 - khun

holy blade v.1 - randel hound
holy blade v.2 - tortuer
holy blade v.3 - dark saint

ice blade v.1 - iwhila
ice blade v.2 - yahgon
ice blade v.3 - hertz

fire blade v.1 - iwhila
fire blade v.2 - yahgon
fire blade v.3 - hertz

thunder blade v.1 - iwhila
thunder blade v.2 - yahgon
thunder blade v.3 - hartz

xhash v.1 - templenigt
xhash v.2 - breas, greyhag
xhash v.3 - greyhag

padish v.1 - hell caterian
padish v.2 - kukadon
padish v.3 - kumanon

nekten v.1 - glue,dark olgoc
nekten v.2 - madeia,khastol,randle haund
nekten v.3 - dark saint

demon hunter v.1 - bobug
demon hunter v.2 - khun
demon hunter v.3 - hertz


strinh v.1 - memora
strinh V.2 - epulopa
strinh V.3 - caterian

xhash v.1 - templenigt
xhash v.2 - noblen
xhash v.3 -

phereck v.1 -
phereck v.2 -
phereck v.3 - hell caterian,ravak

spauren v.1 - olgoc,dugusu
spauren v.2 - kumanon
spauren v.3 - pharak

rhizdaw v.1 - dark olgoc,glue ,
rhizdaw v.2 - dark harpy
rhizdaw v.3 - khastol,randle haund

quirenz v.1 - dark saint
quirenz v.2 - jakaka
quirenz v.3 - khun

freeze v.1 - khun
freeze v.2 - hartz
freeze v.3 - yahgon

debots v.1 - memora
debots v.2 - epulopa
debots v.3 -

xpen v.1 - templenigt, hammered
xpen v.2 - amadys,tamplenigt
xpen v.3 - noblen,grayhag

spaut v.1 -
spaut v.2 - resca
spaut v.3 - ravak

ketura v.1 - olgoc
ketura v.2 - kukadon
ketura v.3 - pharack

rawbots v.1 - dark olgoc, glue ,
rawbots v.2 - dommed moulek
rawbots v.3 - tortuer

spauthen v.1 - dark saint
spauthen v.2 -
spauthen v.3 - sonos

precyzion v.1 - khun,dark polk
precyzion v.2 - hartz
precyzion v.3 - yahgon

cross swing v.1 - mamora
cross swing v.2 - lesy
cross swing v.3 - big caterian

pellow v.1 - caterian
pellow v.2 - templenight,
pellow v.3 - greyhag,noblen

fire rush v.1 - polk
fire rush v.2 - resca
fire rush v.3 - ravak,pharak, hell caterian

ice rush v.1 - olgoc,harpy
ice rush v.2 - kumanon
ice rush v.3 - dark olgoc

lighting rush v.1 - dark olgoc
lighting rush v.2 - dark muolek
lighting rush v.3 - khastol,randle haund

Bomerang v.1 - jakaka
Bomerang v.2 - dark saint,dameratone
Bomerang v.3 - khun

giant swing v.1 - khun
giant swing v.2 - hertz
giant swing v.3 - yahgon , rhoyo

fohside v.1 - hertz
fohside v.2 -
fohside v.3 -

dragon botts v.1 - hartz

aspit v.1 - hartz , hell vonoy
Junior Spellweaver
Jun 20, 2004
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jak sie nie podoba, to mozemy zaczac nawijac w esperanto albo po rusku ;)
Junior Spellweaver
Jun 20, 2004
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I think that's obvoius ;)
A3 is dominated with polish players :D
Newbie Spellweaver
Jun 24, 2004
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hello mates :) can anyone give me all needed links to play A3 on some priv server ? i whas serching everything 5 h and i have one big ZONK :/ napiszcie do mnie na gg pliz 4813955 bede bardzo wdzieczny ;]
Junior Spellweaver
Jun 20, 2004
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go to forums: a3.xp.pl and mu.xp.pl there are links to needed files
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