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How to edit character items using Sweetscape 010

Feb 26, 2010
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This is how I was doing it almost 10 years ago, but seriously, this isn't supposed to be used all the time, use the info from the template to build a proper editor or edit script.

First you will need to get your chars equip data; You can find a simple query if you don't already know how to here https://forum.ragezone.com/threads/pw5-bug-help.1217651/post-9198340

Then you need to download 010 editor if you don't already have it . Don't ask me for a cracked copy/license.

Open the editor, go to templates, New Template and paste this

//--- 010 Editor v13.0.1 Binary Template
//      File: cabal_equipment.bt
//   Authors: PunkS7yle
//   Version:
//   Purpose:
//  Category:
// File Mask:
//  ID Bytes:
//   History:

typedef struct {
    uint id : 12;
    uint acc_bound : 1;
    uint upgrade : 4;
    uint unk : 2;
    uint char_bound : 1;
    uint bind_on_equip : 1;
    int serial_ID;
    uint option_ID;
    short slot_ID;
    uint year : 7;
    uint month : 4;
    uint day : 5;
    uint hour : 5;
    uint minute : 6;
    uint periodidx : 5;
    } equipment;

equipment equips[FileSize() / 18]<optimize=false>;

Save it for later use.
Once you have the data and the template set up in the editor, watch the video on how to edit/remove/ and export back an item.

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Initiate Mage
Jul 26, 2023
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Now I get what you're saying in the other thread. :ROFLMAO:

Thank you so much for this helpful tutorial!