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How to start?

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Jun 20, 2023
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I have all the programming knowledge that I need and I was wondering if someone has a guide on how to start a new server,
All the guides seem to be from 15 years ago.

I don't need the help in coding or building a DB, I just want to know what tools I need.
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Mar 21, 2022
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Modificed Cosmic Guide :

This is if you want to have a Clean v83 (as in, no edited wz files) server.
You can probably also do v111 ( i think there is a server for that and you can use the localhost in the link below)

1. Follow the [Configuring the project] +​

Read Run inside IntelliJ (or if you understand, you can use other IDE)​


follow [Setting up the database]. Call the database whatever you want ( you can follow the guide)​

3. Now go to config.yaml in Cosmic and change to
#Database Configuration
DB_URL_FORMAT: "jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/heavenms?characterEncoding=utf8"
DB_HOST: "localhost"
DB_USER: "root"
DB_PASS: "1234"

Where in this example database name is heavenms, localhost:3306 is the sql server address, User is the username and pass is the password.

You can follow the source code of the server to see exactly how it works if you want to make the database not in your computer etc etc...
4. download maven and use maven clean install (so that you can activate the server from bat file. Or if you don't mind, you can now press run on the server from inside the IDE(in this example IntelliJ) if you want to activate it now. ( see [ Run inside Intellij] section in github cosmos)
4. Download v83 GMS from the github google drive and delete what needs to be deleted (described in github)

5. Download modified localhost from either the github or https://forum.ragezone.com/threads/localhost-workshop.1202021/, works either way. ( Bypassing online and other security checks of the original client)

6. Move the localhost to the GMS directory. ( And you can delete the old localhost(client) maplestory.exe if you want)

7. At this point, you can activate press the localhost and it will work. ( of course, you have to activate the server beforehand).

(Optional) ( Read github to understand your options)
8. If you want network, change in config.yaml the host.
#Ip Configuration
HOST: #WAN IPv4 address
LANHOST: #LAN IPv4 address
LOCALHOST: #Loopback IPv4 address
9. replace in the localhost using hex editor or something to the ip of the server you created.
10. Run the server + client(edited localhost) with the new IP - should work.
11. Look at the github of cosmos for understanding what to do next .
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