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Initiative Roleplay | 100% Custom Framework | LGBTQIA+| 18+ | New Players Welcome | Hiring All ESS & Businesses | Active Dev/Admins

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Sep 14, 2008
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What IS iRP?

Initiative Roleplay is a meld of nerds, gamers, and friendships all wrapped up into a d20 with all of the love in the world put into it. One of the things that really stand out here, is our custom framework, developed by our very own absolutely STELLAR developer.

We are a small team who are striving to make the best place to call home we possibly can. We bring you community, open-mindedness and genuine concern and care when discussing suggestions or otherwise important details of how YOU want to roleplay your characters! Whether it be a business venture, a location for that business, or simply adding a small item that puts you into immersive experience in our server.

We strive to make our server all inclusive and we are LGBTQIA+ friendly. (Tbh we do be gay ngl). We promise to do everything we can to make your city and environment friendly and comfortable.

Features Unlocked, Natural 20 rolled!

Like having a bounty on your head?

  • Live the criminal life to your heart’s desire!
  • Banks
  • J-Store
  • Convenience Stores
  • ATM’s
  • Car Chopping
  • And much more!
Gangs are here to mark their territory!

  • Join or create your OWN gang, claim your territory and start up some trouble!
Fight crime as a member of UPD!

  • We have many departments to choose from!
  • LSPD
  • BCSO
  • SASP
○ There’s too many features for cops to list them all, trust me.

○ Apply through our discord!

Don’t want to be a cop but love the law? The San Andreas Courts are ALWAYS hiring!

Want to help people as part of the EMS and save lives? Channel your inner cleric! Apply through our discord!

Civilian Jobs Available!

  • Head to the Job Center by your Alta Apartments to start!
○ Pilot Job must acquire a Pilot’s License!

Custom Benny’s Menu!

  • Our custom Benny’s menu makes it SO easy to pick and choose the customization items you want to deck out YOUR dream car!
Know the spell ‘Find Vehicle’?

  • Finance or purchase a vehicle outright
  • Not feeling sure about a car? Take it for a test spin!
  • Cars not your thing? Buy a boat! I’m sure that’ll prove well on land.
Custom clothing, all optimized lovingly for the benefit of your beautiful toaster!

  • Yes I’m making this bullet point just to say we have LGBTQIA+ clothing
  • Yes I’m making another one to say we are of the gays
Need a long rest from the LONG day you’ve had?

  • Decorate your home to your heart’s content!
  • Purchase furniture at Krapea and get it shipped RIGHT to your door!
  • Always dreamed of decorating the backyard of your purchased house? ■ Well now you CAN! Lights, camera, ZEN GARDEN!
● Whitelisted/Player Owned Businesses!

  • Whether it’s a Mechanic shop, restaurant, or nightclub we SUPPORT locally owned businesses!
  • Apply through our discord for more info!
Customized Crafting!

  • Tired of always spending your money on items you’d rather make yourself? Look no further, because we have some options available to you!
Welcome to Initiative Roleplay…

How do you want to do this?