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Kings of Chaos

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Sep 10, 2003
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I just started playing this today, but my brother been playing it for a while.

It's a web based rpg, so just with text and all, it's really fun.

Please enter the site through this link that way i get a extra soldier :)
Make sure to click the number after that.

If you want to make me your commander then click join the war, that should make me your commander.

You wonder what is a commander, a commander is a person who is in your profile, you think who cares, well if someone attacks you, and see you have a commander then they will check him first, if that commander is high in rankings they will leave you alone, because they dont want their commander to whoop their butt.

I'm not high in the rankings though, but i will be soon, my brother plays longer and has high spy's, so he checks other people for me with a lot of money, sabotage stuff, and then lets me attack them for lots of money.
That way i gain money fast, and get higher ranking soon.

Anyway if you don't want me as your commander then just register up, if you don't want to play.... then don't play.

But at least please click my link, i gain a soldier from that, and i only have 7 atm so...

Got any questions then ask me. :)

Neosparky will also be playing.

Maybe if we can get this thing going here that MentaL could make a forum for it. :tp:

It's really good for free time, and boring hours at work. :tp:

Click on these to get that person a extra soldier, or even become a officer of them, if you are a officer of someone then you can still get to be someones commander

GohanSSJ -
NeoSparky -
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