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Managing a Mu Online Server

Apr 16, 2005
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This is a pretty different guide. It won’t include how to set your server files up; Instead, I will try to teach you the best pointers I know to help you manage your Mu Online server. People seems ^^ to think that having the latest Mu Server version will make a successful server but still you can see those servers die everyday and others with older versions get more and more players. Why? That’s what we will try to figure out in this thread.

Let’s split it in some categories to make it easier to read.
  1. Server Files
  2. Security
  3. Client Files
  4. Website
  5. Hosting
  6. Advertising
  7. Eventing
  8. Solving problems
  9. TeamMates & Finding Staff
  10. Being a longtime server
  11. Credits

1. Server Files: Of the big cake that hosting a Mu Server is, let’s say that your server files are only 1 piece of a 10 pieces cake. They are important but any files will do, let’s not try to use 99b+, they suck big time, instead try to choose from a 97 based version, or then go higher, to 1.xx. Server files are important as they are the base in which you will work on. Best thing is to get them translated but if they are not FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO IS TRANSLATE THEM TO YOUR LANGUAGE OF CHOISE. Think you can’t? Wrong! It’s very easy to translate most files server side; most of them open in notepad.

Organizing and improving your Mu Server Files

Example (I opened EventItemBag.txt from some random server files):

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Apr 16, 2005
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2. Security: The best way to protect your server depends on where you are hosting it. This doesn’t mean that if you host your computer at a dedicated server your security will be higher but you will avoid using it to search and download stuff like you probably do on your home pc.

Most users recommend:
- Sygate Firewall
- Nod32 for Antivirus (its the best one, what can I say? ^^)

Sygate Firewall is nice, though there are complications to it, if you under attack it will consume CPU usage like crazy. (ty las3r for this tip). If you are hosting 1 server on 1 computer, you don’t need to have such a big firewall, Windows Firewall will do just what you need, will use less resources, is easier to manage and its 1 less piece of cracked software on your computer (important if you have a dedicated server). Big firewalls are used if you have your database and server in different computers (you would make an exception for your sql to only be able to transfer data in and out from that ip <- Win firewall can’t do that) or if you had sub servers in different computers. If everything you have is already on that computer then it’s ok to use Windows Firewall.

One disadvantage though is that you can’t ban ips with Windows Firewall and you can with Sygate (Even subnets). If your Website package has an IP ban feature for it then you are saved, you can ban his ip via website, he can’t make accounts -> he cant join in game. Most forums have ip banning tools.

A nice and secure register system should be enough to keep knobs out, it’s harder and takes longer to make an account that to ban it ^^.

If you have a low system or want to save some ram (and you don’t have 231231 enemies XD) you can go for Windows Firewall.

First thing to do is to block DataServers. DS without a firewall means a lot of exc sets, lag, and people GMing by choice :p

There is a subsection called Securing your server @ with tons of info.

Also remember to block your sql port [see point 4 of this guide (Websites)] and to change your default sql user (user sa pass sa = a deleted server).
Changing your CS port will keep the n00best of all speed hackers outside. If you use 97 based version there is SkyTeam Anticheat that will help a lot but won’t stop them completely.

Watch out for triggers, try to find what others said, they can bring lag and disaster to your server, the best way to find dupes is to use dupe finder (comes with most packages). If 1.02d disable personal shop.

And most importantly, keep an eye on your server; if you are not around get GMS (see point 9 of this guide). If you think your server is being attacked or is on some n00bs target be online, hidden but online. Most n00bpets (those n00bs that look like muppets) when hacking/attacking are in game cursing and saying how cool they are, that’s a nice way to find their ips and blast them away.

Do not get desperate, just calm down, use the tools you have and wait for it to get over.

This brings this guide to another important point.

Backup your server: Securing your server is 2 pieces of that chocolate cake I told you about (mmmm....Chocolates). 1 is to set firewall perfectly; the other is to always have a backup of your files.

I will bring images on how to do this without any query or other.

Having backups is not only to prevent hacker database deletion, it can help you retrieve lost items (system or human mistake) and much other stuff you will do wrong along the way :p
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Apr 16, 2005
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3. Client Files: Client is 2 pieces of that cake we had (that makes 5 so far).

It’s what your players confront everyday while playing, it’s your interface and were you actually show them you are not a Mu Online server, but a specific server to come back at.

This starts as soon as the player goes to your website or reads your ads, how gay is to have servers hosting their clients in rapidshare or megaupload?

Even more! How gay is when they don’t offer the chance to pick from rapidshare AND megaupload. If you are an admin and want to save bandwidth close all the porn you are downloading, stop downloading crap and start uploading more clients.

Let’s just follow some straight directions

• If you are using free hosts choose easy ones to understand, don’t use stupid hosts that ask to install a stupid bar, that kind of warez sucks and shouldn’t be supported. If you choose to use them at least make a guide for your players on how to disable the stupid bars [like the megaupload/Firefox trick].
Upload your client to different places! Not everyone can download from everywhere, if you are looking to be an international server then go international and use different hosting.
• Upload at least 4 different versions of your client. Full, only sound, only music, no sound no music. Then make 4 different patches when you need to update your client. Once again; full, only sound, only music, no sound no music. People appreciate that, happy users = crowded server = donations = improving. A good idea is to set downloads at forum first but don’t force users to register, show them a nice and easy forum, they will return to it for updates.
• If you can get paid hosting (will be discussed in point 5)

Now, I will try to explain some stuff about client, I credit myself and the people on this topic: http://forum.ragezone.com/skins/skin-file-paths-here-168724.html. Monster BMD list was done by me by renaming each .bmd for another mob and writing down what they were, it’s not bullet proof, if you find a mistake please let me know, I will be releasing this to RZ in the thread I named before.


MONSTER01.bmd = Bull fighter
MONSTER02.bmd = Hound
MONSTER03.bmd = Budge Dragon
MONSTER04.bmd = Dark Knight
MONSTER05.bmd = Thunder Lich
MONSTER06.bmd = Giant
MONSTER07.bmd = Larva
MONSTER08.bmd = Ghost
MONSTER09.bmd = Hell Spider
MONSTER10.bmd = Spider
MONSTER11.bmd = Cyclops
MONSTER12.bmd = Gorgon
MONSTER13.bmd = Yeti
MONSTER14.bmd = Elite Yeti
MONSTER15.bmd = Assassin
MONSTER16.bmd = Ice Monster
MONSTER17.bmd = Hommerd
MONSTER19.bmd = Ice Queen
MONSTER20.bmd = Golden Goblin
MONSTER21.bmd = Chain Scorpion
MONSTER22.bmd = Beetle Monster
MONSTER23.bmd = Hunter
MONSTER24.bmd = Forest Monster
MONSTER25.bmd = Agon
MONSTER26.bmd = Stone Golem
MONSTER27.bmd = Devil
MONSTER28.bmd = Balrog
MONSTER29.bmd = Shadow/Poison Shadow
MONSTER30.bmd = Death Knight
MONSTER31.bmd = Death Cow
MONSTER32.bmd = Dragon
MONSTER33.bmd = Bali
MONSTER34.bmd = Bahamut
MONSTER35.bmd = Vepar
MONSTER36.bmd = Silver Valyrie
MONSTER37.bmd = Lizard King
MONSTER38.bmd = Hydra
MONSTER39.bmd = Sea Worm
MONSTER40.bmd = Taikan
MONSTER41.bmd = Soldier
MONSTER42.bmd = Iron Wheel
MONSTER43.bmd = Tantallos
MONSTER44.bmd = Bloody Wolf
MONSTER45.bmd = Vim Knight
MONSTER46.bmd = Mutant
MONSTER47.bmd = Orc Archer
MONSTER48.bmd = Elite Orc
MONSTER49.bmd = Cursed King
MONSTER50.bmd = Molt
MONSTER51.bmd = Alquamos
MONSTER52.bmd = Queen Rainer
MONSTER53.bmd = Mega Crust
MONSTER54.bmd = Phantom Knight
MONSTER55.bmd = Drakan
MONSTER56.bmd = Dark Phoenix Shield
MONSTER57.bmd = Dark Phoenix
MONSTER58.bmd = Spirit Knight
MONSTER59.bmd = Spirit Beast
MONSTER60.bmd = Orc Warrior
MONSTER61.bmd = Cristal Statue
MONSTER62.bmd = BC Gate
MONSTER63.bmd = Spirit SoUcerer
MONSTER64.bmd = Death Angel
MONSTER65.bmd = Illusion of Kundun
MONSTER66.bmd = Blood Soldier
MONSTER67.bmd = Aegis
MONSTER68.bmd = Death Centurion
MONSTER69.bmd = Necron
MONSTER70.bmd = Schriker
MONSTER71.bmd = Chaos Castle Guard
MONSTER72.bmd = Chaos Castle Guard
MONSTER73.bmd = Chaos Castle Guard
MONSTER74.bmd = Chaos Castle Guard
MONSTER75.bmd = Guardian Statue
MONSTER76.bmd = Guardian Statue
MONSTER77.bmd = Battle Guard
MONSTER78.bmd = Archer Battle Guard
MONSTER79.bmd = Castle Gate
MONSTER80.bmd = Canon Tower
MONSTER81.bmd = Canon Tower
MONSTER82.bmd = Lizard Warrior
MONSTER83.bmd = Fire Golem
MONSTER84.bmd = Queen Bee
MONSTER85.bmd = Poison Golem
MONSTER86.bmd = Axe Warrior
MONSTER87.bmd = Life Stone
MONSTER88.bmd = Erohim
MONSTER90.bmd = Balgass
MONSTER91.bmd = Balgass
MONSTER92.bmd = Dark Spirit
MONSTER93.bmd = Dark Elf
MONSTER94.bmd = Balram
MONSTER95.bmd = Soram
MONSTER96.bmd = Werewolf
MONSTER97.bmd = Bow Scout
MONSTER98.bmd = Lance Scout
MONSTER99.bmd = Warrior Scout
MONSTER100.bmd = MISSING!!!!
MONSTER101.bmd = Forest Witch
MONSTER102.bmd = Blue Golem
MONSTER103.bmd = Dead Rider
MONSTER104.bmd = Forest Orc
MONSTER105.bmd = Dead Tree
MONSTER106.bmd = Hellmaine

Crap! I had season 2 and I don’t know were I left that version of the file, if someone is nice and makes a list of them I will add you to the credits in this little guide. TY.

What can I do with that info Sr. Dios? Well, you can get any mob you like in any version. Imagine you removed dungeon world and replaced it with mmm… Aida, will you put dungeon mobs in Aida? Naaa! Instead just go to the list and find: MONSTER08.bmd = Ghost and replace it with MONSTER105.bmd = Dead Tree. You now have an Aida mob ^^ (Ghosts look awesome with maya’s hand).

Note to self: Explain how to replace maps to them :p

Some stuff I never got to understand thought; one is that the mobs that have weapons after they are replaced they still have that weapon, so its not on the bmd, high seems also not to be there. People are 2 worried repacking crap (no offense, some repacks rule and some files rock) instead of trying to find stuff that no one ever got (yet another example: items shine).

This method can also be done with weapons! Remember good old ugly Giant Sword? Well, with the list that follows this lines you can get any of the new items to replace that unused one. Once again, it’s all there, I’m not coding anything, yet people still have Brass sets in their servers (Brass sucks! Man with tits = No go!).

(This list will be finished in time – if you want to help please say so or pm me the files).


Axe01.bmd = Small Axe
Axe02.bmd = Hand Axe
Axe03.bmd = Double-Blade Axe
Axe04.bmd = Tomahawk
Axe05.bmd = Fairy's Axe
Axe06.bmd = Battle Axe
Axe07.bmd = Nikkea Axe
Axe08.bmd = Larkan Axe
Axe09.bmd = Crescent Axe

Bow01.bmd = Short Bow
Bow02.bmd = Bow
Bow03.bmd = Elven's Bow
Bow04.bmd = Battle Bow
Bow05.bmd = Tiger Bow
Bow06.bmd = Silver Bow
Bow07.bmd = Chaos Nature Bow
Bow18.bmd = Grant Bow
Bow19.bmd = Archangel Crossbow
Bow20.bmd = Arrow Viper Bow

Mace01.bmd = Mace (0)
Mace02.bmd = Morning Star (1)
Mace03.bmd = Flai (2)
Mace04.bmd = Great Hammer (3)
Mace05.bmd = Crystal Mace (4)
Mace06.bmd = Crystal Sword (5)
Mace07.bmd = Chaos Dragon Axe (6)
Mace08.bmd = Elemental Mace (7)
Mace09.bmd = Battle Scepter (8)
Mace10.bmd = Dark Stell Scepter (9)
Mace11.bmd = Dark Master Scepter (10)
Mace12.bmd = Adamantine Scepter (11)
Mace13.bmd = Great Lord Scepter (12)
Mace14.bmd = Mace of the King (13)

Shield01.bmd = Round Shield
Shield02.bmd = Horn Shield
Shield03.bmd = Kite Shield
Shield04.bmd = Fairy's Shield
Shield05.bmd = Buckler
Shield06.bmd = Dragon Slayer Shield
Shield07.bmd = Skull Shield
Shield08.bmd = Spike Shield
Shield09.bmd = Tower Shield
Shield10.bmd = Plate Shield
Shield11.bmd = Big Round Shield
Shield12.bmd = Serpent Shield
Shield13.bmd = Bronze Shield
Shield14.bmd = Choas Dragon Shield
Shield15.bmd = Legendary Shield
shield16.bmd = Grand Soul Shield
shield17.bmd = Elemental Shield

Spear01.bmd = Light Spear
Spear02.bmd = Spear
Spear03.bmd = Dragon Lance
Spear04.bmd = Great Trident
Spear05.bmd = Serpent Spear
Spear06.bmd = Double Poleaxe
Spear07.bmd = Halberd
Spear08.bmd = Bardiche
Spear09.bmd = Great Scythe
Spear10.bmd = Bill of Balrog
spear11.bmd = Dragon Spear

Staff01.bmd = Skull Staff
Staff02.bmd = Angel Staff
Staff03.bmd = Serpent Staff
Staff04.bmd = Lightning Staff
Staff05.bmd = Gorgon Staff
Staff06.bmd = Legendary Staff
Staff07.bmd = Resurrection Staff
Staff08.bmd = Choas Staff
Staff09.bmd = Unicron Staff
Staff10.bmd = Crystal Staff
Staff11.bmd = Dragon Staff
Staff12.bmd = Kundun Staff

Sword01.bmd = Kris (0)
Sword02.bmd = Short Sword (1)
Sword03.bmd = Rapier (2)
Sword04.bmd = Katana (3)
Sword05.bmd = Assasin Sword (4)
Sword06.bmd = Blade (5)
Sword07.bmd = Gladius (6)
Sword08.bmd = Falchion (7)
Sword09.bmd = Serpent Borg (8)
Sword10.bmd = Salamander (9)
Sword11.bmd = Light Saber (10)
Sword12.bmd = Legendary Sword (11)
Sword13.bmd = Heliacal Sword (12)
Sword14.bmd = Doble blade Sword (13)
Sword15.bmd = Lightning Sword (14)
Sword16.bmd = Giant Sword (15)
Sword17.bmd = Destruction Sword (16)
Sword18.bmd = Spirit Sword (17)
Sword19.bmd = Thunder Sword (18)
Sword20.bmd = Archangel Sword (19)
sword21.bmd = Blade of Devourer (20)
sword22.bmd = Double Blunt Sword (21)
Sword32.bmd = DeathBroad (31)

Advanced season 1 items:

HDK_Bow.bmd = New Bow
HDK_Mace.bmd = New Scepter
HDK_Staff.bmd = New Staff
HDK_Sword.bmd = New Sword
HDK_Sword2.bmd = New Sword MG

Once again, I can’t find the files with season 2 stuff, sorry!

Note to reader: The "(number)" means the item id in item(xxx).txt on your server files.

Funny thing about sets is that the shine remains accordingly to what it had on the other set... So replacing Dragon Set with Ashcrow set with leave you with a Red Ashcrow set.

Remember those test items you sometime see as bugs on some servers? Well, they actually work! I have 2 sets more and just by adding some lines to item(kor).txt

Take a look at this:

Standard item(kor).txt version 97+99

27	2	2	1	1	1	"Magus Mask"		115	58	0		87		245	85	0	1	0	0
28	2	2	1	1	1	"Adamantine Mask"	103	56	0		85		85	33	2	0	0	0

29	2	2	1	1	1	"Test Side Helm"	199	39	0		80		205	62	0	0	0	0
30	2	2	1	1	1	"Test Side Helm"	199	39	0		80		205	62	0	0	0	0

JMK item(kor).txt

27	2	2	1	1	1	"Magus Pants"		91	64	0	88		235	77	0	0	0	1
28	2	2	1	1	1	"Adamantine Pants"	91	46	0	82		100	100	2	0	0	0

29	2	2	1	1	1	"Diamond Pants"		136	50	0	90		100	200	0 	0 	2 	0
30	2	2	1	1	1	"Titanium Pants"	136	66	0	90		255	200	0 	0 	0 	1

Then you just open your item.bmd file with SkyTeam BMD Editor (attached) and add to lines at the end of helms (remember that mg’s don’t use helm (use another set)), at the end of armour, gloves, pants and boots. You now have 2 more sets. The catch? Well, I don’t fully understand this but as your main wont give them shines (they don’t have any assigned) they will shine with the basic colour. Golden. Also (this is a conclusion I took, I’m not sure) if you add more bmd files to any of your client you will mess your skins us. I found that as I added bmds for the two new sets skins of medals, boks and olives changed. Some look cool, some sucked :p The solution? Learn to live with them or code the main and share ^^ or you can do what I did, I chose to delete other items in order to keep the same skinning options I had. There are useless items if you host a server with experience over 100x . Nobody likes Serpent Borg xD, its week and looks pretty stupid (like brass ^^). That its your choice.

This will help you out:


HelmElf01.bmd = Vine Helm
ArmorElf01.bmd = Vine Armor
GloveElf01.bmd = Vine Gloves
PantsElf01.bmd = Vine Pants
BootsElf01.bmd = Vine Boots

HelmElf02.bmd = Silk Helm
ArmorElf02.bmd = Silk Armor
GloveElf02.bmd = Silk Gloves
PantsElf02.bmd = Silk Pants
BootsElf02.bmd = Silk Boots

HelmElf03.bmd = Wind Helm
ArmorElf03.bmd = Wind Armor
GloveElf03.bmd = Wind Gloves
PantsElf03.bmd = Wind Pants
BootsElf03.bmd = Wind Boots

HelmElf04.bmd = Spirit Helm
ArmorElf04.bmd = Spirit Armor
GloveElf04.bmd = Spirit Gloves
PantsElf04.bmd = Spirit Pants
BootsElf04.bmd = Spirit Boots

HelmElf05.bmd = Guardian Helm
ArmorElf05.bmd = Guardian Armor
GloveElf05.bmd = Guardian Gloves
PantsElf05.bmd = Guardian Pants
BootsElf05.bmd = Guardian Boots

HelmMale01.bmd = Bronze Helm
ArmorMale01.bmd = Bronze Armor
GloveMale01.bmd = Bronze Gloves
PantsMale01.bmd = Bronze Pants
BootsMale01.bmd = Bronze Boots

HelmMale02.bmd = Dragon Helm
ArmorMale02.bmd = Dragon Armor
GloveMale02.bmd = Dragon Gloves
PantsMale02.bmd = Dragon Pants
BootsMale02.bmd = Dragon Boots

HelmMale03.bmd = Pad Helm
ArmorMale03.bmd = Pad Armor
GloveMale03.bmd = Pad Gloves
PantsMale03.bmd = Pad Pants
BootsMale03.bmd = Pad Boots

HelmMale04.bmd = Legendary Helm
ArmorMale04.bmd = Legendary Armor
GloveMale04.bmd = Legendary Gloves
PantsMale04.bmd = Legendary Pants
BootsMale04.bmd = Legendary Boots

HelmMale05.bmd = Bone Helm
ArmorMale05.bmd = Bone Armor
GloveMale05.bmd = Bone Gloves
PantsMale05.bmd = Bone Pants
BootsMale05.bmd = Bone Boots

HelmMale06.bmd = Leather Helm
ArmorMale06.bmd = Leather Armor
GloveMale06.bmd = Leather Gloves
PantsMale06.bmd = Leather Pants
BootsMale06.bmd = Leather Boots

HelmMale07.bmd = Scale Helm
ArmorMale07.bmd = Scale Armor
GloveMale07.bmd = Scale Gloves
PantsMale07.bmd = Scale Pants
BootsMale07.bmd = Scale Boots

HelmMale08.bmd = Sphinx Helm
ArmorMale08.bmd = Sphinx Armor
GloveMale08.bmd = Sphinx Gloves
PantsMale08.bmd = Sphinx Pants
BootsMale08.bmd = Sphinx Boots

HelmMale09.bmd = Brass Helm
ArmorMale09.bmd = Brass Armor
GloveMale09.bmd = Brass Gloves
PantsMale09.bmd = Brass Pants
BootsMale09.bmd = Brass Boots

HelmMale10.bmd = Plate Helm
ArmorMale10.bmd = Plate Armor
GloveMale10.bmd = Plate Gloves
PantsMale10.bmd = Plate Pants
BootsMale10.bmd = Plate Boots

ArmorMale16.bmd = Unicorn Armor
GloveMale16.bmd = Unicorn Gloves
PantsMale16.bmd = Unicorn Pants
BootsMale16.bmd = Unicorn Boots

HelmMale17.bmd = Black Dragon Helm
ArmorMale17.bmd = Black Dragon Armor
GloveMale17.bmd = Black Dragon Gloves
PantsMale17.bmd = Black Dragon Pants
BootsMale17.bmd = Black Dragon Boots

HelmMale18.bmd = Dark Phoenix Helm
ArmorMale18.bmd = Dark Phoenix Armor
GloveMale18.bmd = Dark Phoenix Gloves
PantsMale18.bmd = Dark Phoenix Pants
BootsMale18.bmd = Dark Phoenix Boots

HelmMale19.bmd = Grand Soul Helm
ArmorMale19.bmd = Grand Soul Armor
GloveMale19.bmd = Grand Soul Gloves
PantsMale19.bmd = Grand Soul Pants
BootsMale19.bmd = Grand Soul Boots

HelmMale20.bmd = Divine Helm
ArmorMale20.bmd = Divine Armor
GloveMale20.bmd = Divine Gloves
PantsMale20.bmd = Divine Pants
BootsMale20.bmd = Divine Boots

ArmorMale21.bmd = Thunder Armor
GloveMale21.bmd = Thunder Gloves
PantsMale21.bmd = Thunder Pants
BootsMale21.bmd = Thunder Boots

HelmMale22.bmd = Flaming Phoenix Helm
ArmorMale22.bmd = Flaming Phoenix Armor
GloveMale22.bmd = Flaming Phoenix Gloves
PantsMale22.bmd = Flaming Phoenix Pants
BootsMale22.bmd = Flaming Phoenix Boots

HelmMale23.bmd = Dark Side Helm
ArmorMale23.bmd = Dark Side Armor
GloveMale23.bmd = Dark Side Gloves
PantsMale23.bmd = Dark Side Pants
BootsMale23.bmd = Dark Side Boots

HelmMale24.bmd = Hurricane Helm
ArmorMale24.bmd = Hurricane Armor
GloveMale24.bmd = Hurricane Gloves
PantsMale24.bmd = Hurricane Pants
BootsMale24.bmd = Hurricane Boots

HelmMale25.bmd = Nature Helm
ArmorMale25.bmd = Nature Armor
GloveMale25.bmd = Nature Gloves
PantsMale25.bmd = Nature Pants
BootsMale25.bmd = Nature Boots

HelmMale26.bmd = Light Plate Helm
ArmorMale26.bmd = Light Plate Armor
GloveMale26.bmd = Light Plate Gloves
PantsMale26.bmd = Light Plate Pants
BootsMale26.bmd = Light Plate Boots

HelmMale27.bmd = Adamantine Helm
ArmorMale27.bmd = Adamantine Armor
GloveMale27.bmd = Adamantine Gloves
PantsMale27.bmd = Adamantine Pants
BootsMale27.bmd = Adamantine Boots

HelmMale28.bmd = Dark Steel Helm
ArmorMale28.bmd = Dark Steel armor
GloveMale28.bmd = Dark Steel Gloves
PantsMale28.bmd = Dark Steel Pants
BootsMale28.bmd = Dark Steel Boots

HelmMale29.bmd = Dark Master Helm
ArmorMale29.bmd = Dark Master Armor
GloveMale29.bmd = Dark Master Gloves
PantsMale29.bmd = Dark Master Pants
BootsMale29.bmd = Dark Master Boots

HDK_HelmMale01.bmd = Dragon Knight Helm
HDK_ArmorMale01.bmd = Dragon Knight Armor
HDK_BootMale01.bmd = Dragon Knight Boots
HDK_GloveMale01.bmd = Dragon Knight Gloves
HDK_PantsMale01.bmd = Dragon Knight Pants

HDK_HelmMale02.bmd = Venom Helm
HDK_ArmorMale02.bmd = Venom Armor
HDK_BootMale02.bmd = Venom Boots
HDK_GloveMale02.bmd = Venom Gloves
HDK_PantsMale02.bmd = Venom Pants

HDK_HelmMale03.bmd = Sylpid Helm
HDK_ArmorMale03.bmd = Sylpid Armor
HDK_BootMale03.bmd = Sylpid Boots
HDK_GloveMale03.bmd = Sylpid Gloves
HDK_PantsMale03.bmd = Sylpid Pants

HDK_HelmMale04.bmd = Volcano Helm
HDK_ArmorMale04.bmd = Volcano Armor
HDK_BootMale04.bmd = Volcano Boots
HDK_GloveMale04.bmd = Volcano Gloves
HDK_PantsMale04.bmd = Volcano Pants

HDK_HelmMale05.bmd = Sunlight Helm
HDK_ArmorMale05.bmd = Sunlight Armor
HDK_BootMale05.bmd = Sunlight Boots
HDK_GloveMale05.bmd = Sunlight Gloves
HDK_PantsMale05.bmd = Sunlight Pants

In all this process I never mentioned ozt and ozt files; you will get a load poop of errors while replacing bmds, if you are patience you will write them all down by replacing one bmd at the time, make a nice list and help all RageZone users by sharing knowledge that came from hard work (its really hard work).

Sets are already done here: http://forum.ragezone.com/skins/skin-file-paths-here-168724.html (lacks season2)
There are also some ozj and ozt references in that topic. If you have the time, make an excel like I did, its easier to read for everyone.

I really think skinners and Mu fanatics should start to work on finishing this listings, client needs to be understood completely, if you can mod your client you can mod the way your players see and feel the game = A good server.

So far we edited:

Npcs [(New NPC’s Over Potion Girl ftw!) same method as above]

And we hexed none :)
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Apr 16, 2005
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Re: [Guide] Managing a Mu Online Server

4. Website: There is no way around it, you NEED a website, registering users via msn is for the losers, email registering? Are you mad? Do you want 300 noobs on your msn? Registering via Forum? Pffffffff the only way that would happen is if you link both databases; that’s a good move if you have the knowledge to do so but if you don’t just try not to force your users to register to a probably ugly and empty forum and grab any website package you like from release section.

How can I choose what website package is for me? Easy, it depends on what computer you own, what internet connection you have, your php knowledge and last but not least what you expect your website to do for you and your players.

If you are on one of those pay per bandwidth consumed or limited bandwidth ISP then you will probably try to avoid most packages that contain 400 images like Mtoolz (MT), trust me they will make you spend bandwidth and for what? Just to lag users on the other side. Most players are not behind P4 3.2 so don’t make them have to wait 4 hours just to see your main web. If you probably want to customize your website on your own (and don’t know php) then don’t go Mtoolz, I mean, its great but its hard as hell to edit for some1 without any understanding on basic php/sql coding. On the other hand, john_d creates modules and interfaces, so if you can spend some cash on your website maybe pay him for some great stuff, I’ve used some of his latest and unique modules (friends that let me touch their servers ^^) and they are great. The CPU usage of Mtoolz is way lower than most normal packages, queries are great, not redundant and they save you lots of time. I’m only familiarized with Mtoolz and FragFrog’s (FF) package. FragFrog’s package is great, it loads really fast so it would be great for low specs systems and connections, though spearing images makes it look dull sometimes and may get boring after a while. A lot less features are the main difference between MT and FF package’s. In fact, there are no other websites that have as much options (and useless options why not) as MT. I’m not sure about the new FF package but the old one wasn’t coded in a practical way, 200 users online + 20 visitors + others made my Athlon 64 3200+ 1GB ram lag like hell. I thought it had something to do with my server but finally some1 (thanks DukeGR) told me it could be website. It was indeed. All my lag problems ended. BUT, this website is so easily coded that you can open it in notepad, read, think and understand it extremely fast. FF package brings that advantage, it helps you learn php and sql. It brings the joy of making stuff yourself and upgrading your website as users request it without spending hard cash. That’s a big + for FF package. If you want to learn download it, open and start getting ideas.

There are many other packages, I haven’t tried them all. If you can find SkyTeam Website package I would recommend you to use it. It’s both simple and effective.

It looks like in time most websites realized that giving users 2 many options was useless, you'll see now that most MT based websites have just a ranking, register, reset, pk clear, and stats adding. Im pleased :p. There are no real administration tools, maybe themad's website will make a difference but the rest of admin panels suck. They should all be renamed to gm panels, they only focus on their work (see chapter 9).

Important notes:
A: None of them validate on W3C. They look like crap on different browsers.
B: Only Mtoolz has a nice installation system and yet it’s the one that brings more problems
C: All packages posted on RZ have SQL Injection protection.

So as you see, most of the selection of packages comes from trying to find balance between bandwidth, CPU Usage, style and what you expect your players to be able to do.
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Apr 16, 2005
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Re: [Guide] Managing a Mu Online Server

5. Hosting: I have no affiliation with the hosting Im about to name, I dont get refferals not anything, this is not advertising. If you feel like this post was made to advertise then dont continue reading any further ^^.

Guys, This is that time when you have to decide if you are going to be a big boy or a server wanna be. Hosting is cheap, its not an excuse not to have donations. You must save for very little time in order to be able to pay for Hosting for your website. If you do not own a credit card raise de money go to dad and give it to him, it will make him understand that you want that and you worked for it, never steal credit cards!

Deluxe Plan Features
• 100 GB Space
• 1,000 GB Transfer
• 1,000 Email Accounts
• Unlimited Web sites
• FREE! Software
• 25 MySQL Databases
• Unlimited Email Forwards
• Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries

7usd x month You spend 7usd in so many useless crap everysingle day, in junk food, in cigarretes, in alcohol and you cant spend 7usd a month to make a great server? To please thousands of people that will play your server with direct downloads and good uptime? Thats 0,20679452054794520547945205479452 cents a day to pay for 1 year of hosting.

A domain costs something like 9 usd and its good for 1 year, thats 0,024657534246575342465753424657534 cents a day. People will remember your always up and easy to read website for 1 year for 0,024657534246575342465753424657534 a day.

So for 0,231452054794520547945205479451 cents a day you'll provide a great service, a service that, trust me, will bring more and more people back.

No excuses! If you use rapidshare to save 0,231452054794520547945205479451 cents a day maybe you shouldnt be hosting a server :p

If you are hosting your website at a hosting company you probably will have to allow sql port to be opened from that ip. A workaround this is to have frames on pages, this way you can have half your website at hosting and half at your server (with apache or similar). Why this way? Cause if you host everything at a no-ip addy when the server reboots website will be also off => players wont be able to find out what happens, if server is down, if its website, if its a problem their side. And if you fully host at a website hosting when your server is down players will get a load of errors (sql cant be reach & others) and you opened sql port (not that safe).
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May 15, 2009
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Re: [Guide] Managing a Mu Online Server

exellent guide. Thanks!
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Nov 28, 2006
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Re: [Guide] Managing a Mu Online Server

Nice to read guids like this :) . I liked the "never steal credit cards" part :D anyway nice !
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Aug 5, 2008
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where is the rest of the guide?