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Meet Dai, Our New Mascot and Theme

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Nov 14, 2001
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Some of you may have noticed that RaGEZONE has had a makeover! Well spotted. I'm proud to announce the unveiling of the custom designed theme for RaGEZONE that we comissioned a little while back and also a mascot known as Dai (Welsh for David).

Dai is a representation of each and everyone of our members. He is loyal , loves games and takes pride in his developments. Dai will be seen in a lot of places when it comes to RaGEZONE including T-Shirts and other goodies, he is a representation of us and you.

Some of you may have some questions about the theme and Dai so i'll give you some Q and A below;

  • Lovely theme, but what happened to the old ones?
    • They went on vacation! indefinitely!
  • This is way too bright for me, what about a darker one?
    • That is something that I plan to work on in the future but first we need to fix minor issues with this theme first.
  • What kind of name is Dai?
    • A Welsh one, i already told you!
  • How do you pronounce Dai?
    • It's like "DIE" but more of an "Aye" sound so... "Dayyyye".
  • What the hell is going on with Dai?
    • He has dual monitors to assist in his developments. A sword on his back and shoulder plating too, he is an MMO / RPG gamer and we wanted to make that as clearly visible as possible.

Thanks all!