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Mu Occidental, Legacy Server

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Aug 26, 2023
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Mu2023 - Mu Occidental, Legacy Server - RaGEZONE Forums

Join the Mu Occidental community and become a part of the Legacy Server.
With nearly 3 months since its magnificent opening, boasting over 5000 online players, we are building something special.
Immerse yourself in the Legacy Server experience and get ready for an exciting transition to the Official Server.
We look forward to creating an exciting future in Mu Occidental together!

Mu Occidental - Legacy Server
Website: https://legacy.mu-occidental.com/

❖ Official Launch:
• Start: September 1st - 20:00 (GMT-3)

❖ General Information:

• Version: Season VI Episode III
• Experience: 30x (Dynamic reverse)
• Drop rate: 20%
• Max Level: 400
• Points per level: 5/7
• Non-Rebirth
• Max Accounts: 6

❖ Gameplay Features:

• Balanced PvP & PvM with new gameplay mechanics
• New Skills & New character features
• Mu Helper: On
• Offattack system: On
• PartyHelp system: On
▼ Rift Spot system:
• Spots: 4 Mob Common
• Hot Spot: 4 Mob Common + 1 Rift Mob
• No Item Excellent
▼ Legacy System:
• Exclusive items for each character.
• Legacy Coin Play2Run acquisition.
• Reward Rank System
• Daily Reward Rank System
• Mini Invasions, Mini Bosses & Exclusive Bosses.

Legacy Wiki: https://mu-occidental.gitbook.io/mu-occidental-wiki-esp/legacy/info-legacy

Upon the conclusion of the Legacy server, we will provide players with the option to transfer their characters to the Official Server.
This transfer will include the Set, Wings, and Weapons they have obtained.
This opportunity will allow players to continue their progress and maintain their achievements in the new environment of the Official Server.​