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[MU ONLINE] EternityMU S3E1 Is Seeking for a passionate & loyal H.GM

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Oct 16, 2021
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We are seeking a dedicated and passionate individual to join our team as the Head Game Master for EternityMU. Our server, , is committed to providing a unique and immersive gaming experience for our players. We are looking for a dynamic leader to take charge and enhance the overall player experience.

Available Position: Head Game Master

We currently have an opening for the position of Head Game Master. We are seeking an individual who can lead and manage our GM team, ensure a fair and enjoyable gameplay environment, and contribute to the continuous improvement of our server.

Position Responsibilities:

  1. GM Team Management:
    • Lead and manage the GM team, providing guidance and support.
    • Foster a positive team culture and collaboration.
  2. Player Experience Enhancement:
    • Attend to player needs and concerns, striving to improve their overall gaming experience.
    • Execute seasonal events and exclusive in-game activities to engage players.
  3. Rule Enforcement (Report Team):
    • Oversee the report team responsible for handling bans and enforcing server rules.
    • Have the final decision on rule enforcement matters.
  4. Bug Reporting and Feedback:
    • Act as the eyes and ears in the field, reporting bugs and providing vital information for server updates.
    • Collaborate with the server owners to contribute to the development and enhancement of the server.
  5. PvP Balance:
    • You will be also in charge of our Equilibrium PvP Balance Team. This team makes sure every ancient set, every PvP setting between all classes is balanced to prevent OP and make sure the PvP Experience is enjoyable to all classes in equality.
    • Understand the game's PvP system, set options, and overall mechanics.
    • Take charge of balancing and introducing new features, sets, or weapons tiers.

    • Powers and Responsibilities
      As the Head Game Master of EternityMU, you will wield comprehensive authority and control within the GM panel. Your responsibilities will include:
      1. H.GM Panel:
        • Full access and control within the GM panel.
        • View GM Reward logs to track and manage in-game rewards effectively.
        • Add or remove GMs and adjust their functions through the settings.
      2. Rule Enforcement and Player Safety:
        • Enforce game rules diligently to maintain a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.
        • Identify and swiftly ban hackers in accordance with established game rules.
        • Possess expertise in hacks, especially undetected ones, using his keen eye to identify them through player-reported video evidence.
      3. Community Shaping and Collaboration:
        • Collaborate closely with server owner, game administrator.
        • Play a pivotal role in shaping the community's appearance, fostering a positive and engaging environment.
        • Work collectively to make crucial decisions that contribute to the server's growth and overall success.
      Your role as the Head Game Master is not only about managing the GM team and enforcing rules but also about actively participating in the strategic decisions that will steer EternityMU towards continued success. Your keen understanding of game mechanics, hacking prevention, and collaboration skills will be crucial in ensuring a thriving and secure gaming community.
Requirements for Applicants:
  1. Previous experience in a Game Master role in MU Online or a similar MMORPG.
  2. Strong leadership and communication skills.
  3. In-depth knowledge of EternityMU gameplay mechanics (I will provide reading material), as well in MU Online in general.
  4. Availability and commitment to the position.
  5. Ability to handle player concerns and conflicts professionally.
How to Apply:

If you believe you have what it takes to become our Head Game Master, please send your application to [Discord: killerfrost4352]. Feel free to include relevant experience, your vision for the role, and any ideas you have for improving EternityMU.


Thank you for considering joining the EternityMU team. We look forward to reviewing your applications!
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Oct 16, 2021
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Bump +
Also looking for Game Masters.
Contact me for more info!
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Oct 16, 2021
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The nostalgia of it, to be honest.
It is dedicated to players who hold nostalgy for this season
But we do plan of opening s6 too.
We also have premium files and we can add s6 elements since all we did was nerfing the config to s3

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Mar 12, 2023
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Old but rocks! up for this. (y)