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My fight

Jan 1, 2003
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hey guys glad the foums finally back up ^___^ i won my kickboxing match :D w000t hehe
I didnt fight the guy i beat last time, i ended up fighting his brother who was about the same height as me but stockier but ended up owning him anyway hehe
It got filmed 2 so if i can get a vhs onto my pc then ill show it to you all cos i fought the best ive ever fought in my life it fealy amazing and the crowd were awesome, there were 4 fights b4 me and i was like woah the crowd is goin wild but man in my fight they were Ducking going for it as much as me and my opponant lol
i outboxed him, dodged most of his attacks an blocked the rest then outkicked him.
it was class hehe, attached a pic of the trophy i won


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