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ne played fallout 2?

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Jul 1, 2003
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Fallout 1&2 are THE BEST RPGs evere made!!!:hail:
They have the good storyline, tons of qests, freedome to do what ever u want, u just have a goal and taht goal can be achived how ever u want, and the ending differs acording to what u did in the game(what qests u chose to do).
I finisheded it lots of times that i lost the cout of them.
It is from 1999 so don't expect good graphics but i guaratee u a great game(like i said THE BEST RPG evere made).
Hatetd Fallout brotherhood of steel(the latest with the fallout name but nothing like 1 & 2) I said name not series because i don't concidere it as a part of follout 1&2. BOS laks all the good stuff of 1 & 2,(brother hood of steel is mision based-i hate that), it takes away all the freedome to do whatever u want in the game(that i loved in 1 & 2) .
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