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Nitro Illumina Styled version 1.1.6

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Apr 22, 2024
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This is a custom Illumina-style nitro edition that has been sold in a closed discord group, unfortunately this is not open source and all changes are subject to the creator, who is not friendly at all

Apparently it had a key-check, but it has been removed and works on any nitro-based emulator
Download link: (1.1.4)

Download link: (1.1.6)
(always replace client-assets and json config)

Preview (Dark UI) (You can also activate white UI in the config):
Screenshot_2024-04-23_at_19.05.44 - Nitro Illumina Styled version 1.1.6 - RaGEZONE Forums

- Rename or change your config.urls to a valid links
- Upload "client-assets" to your root directory, eg:
Don't forget to add the JSON values to your ui-config.json (there is a txtin the download)

Although honestly, I don't recommend it because it is closed, but if an open version could be made based on it, welcome.


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