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NoLimit 97d99i Exp: 80 Drop: 40% - Official Launch 02 June

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Feb 17, 2014
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NoLimit Mu 2023


Official launch 02 June (Friday) 19:00h GMT +2

Website Links:

NoLimit Mu

Discord: NoLimit Community

Registrations is open. http://nolimitmu.com/?p=register

Server Information:
Version: 97d+99i
Experience & Drop 100x & 40%
Points per Level BK, SM, ELF = 5 / MG = 7
PK Clear Cost /pkclear - 10,000,000 zen x Kill
Guild create level 100 required
Max items level +11+16
Server Events Blood Castle, Devil Square, Sky Event
Dragon Invasion, Happy Hour, Lucky Jewels
Hall of Fame and more

Reset Info
Max Level/Max Resets 350 Level / 6 Resets (will increase to 40)
Reset Level Resets at level 350
Reset Cost 15,000,000 zen x Reset Number
Keep stats after reset Disabled
Points per Reset: Blade Knight - 340, Soul Master - 410, Muse Elf - 380, Magic Gladiator - 420

Success Rates
2nd level Wings 80% Maximum possible
(Even if you visually get higher % in-game, the maximum possible is 80%! Everything above that won't matter!)
Jewel of Soul 70% (50% if no luck)
Jewel of Life 70% (50% if no luck)
Item +10 80% (70% if no luck)
Item +11 75% (65% if no luck)

Mana Shield formula
Start Percent 10%
Agility per 1% 160 Agility
Energy per 1% 400 Energy
Mana Shield Max 80%

For more information you can use Discord or personal to FireFox#3887​

По време на тест периода съм пуснал боксовете от +1 до +5 в lorencia в бара.

In beta test period have box +1 - box +5 in lorencia bar
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