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Omg Sic!!!!

Everybody loves DTB
Feb 18, 2003
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This Is What Speedhorn666 Asked Capricorn :shocked

[17:14:42] (B) Mike- Ev: yo cap
[17:14:59] (B) Mike- Ev: play guitar yet?
[17:15:04] Capricorn //: oh hey m8
[17:15:09] Capricorn //: nah :(
[17:15:12] Capricorn //: im a n00b :'(
[17:15:12] (B) Mike- Ev: I play rythym guitar and vocals (sometimes
I'm forced to do lead guitar if I can't find a lead
guitarist!). I'm getting a definitive band together with
some of my friends from church to record some of my songs
... but most of the time I put together bands for when I
need them
[17:15:24] (B) Mike- Ev: :9
[17:15:25] Capricorn //: o_O that was writted a bit quick lol
[17:15:26] (B) Mike- Ev: :(
[17:15:27] (B) Mike- Ev: to bad
[17:15:34] (B) Mike- Ev: im looking for a new guitarist
[17:15:41] (B) Mike- Ev: my church m8s aren't to good
[17:15:50] Capricorn //: ...