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[Poll] Would you like a FAN MADE sro mmorpg to be made?

Initiate Mage
Apr 2, 2019
Reaction score
Heres the Poll:

First of all : Yes i know a mmorpg takes time and a team to accomplish anything. Im not dumb. I know what it requires , and the time , and headaches and resources.

This is just a simple question with a POLL. Im just interested in knowing what the current community of sro thinks. Thats All.

Dont bash , dont hate. Just a simple community poll to see how we all think sro should have or what people truly desires.

Just for everyone to see that i have been working on a project regarding this for a long time since 2019. I actually uploaded this terrible terrible alpha back in 2019 showing "3 players" logged in at same time.No animation or anything special , just a little multiplayer test