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Project City DayZ | BTC | Market | Bikes | Base Builder| Heli - Boats| Safe Zone

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Mar 27, 2011
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1 - Project City DayZ | BTC | Market | Bikes | Base Builder| Heli - Boats| Safe Zone - RaGEZONE Forums

Good afternoon everyone, I would like to introduce my dayz server with a RP gameplay.
This server use Expansion Mods:
Main City Safe Spawn: Zelenogorsk

This city have NPCS:
Player Market: Can Buy and Sell from other players
Food Trader: You Can Buy and Sell food's
Clothes Trader: You Can BUY and Sell Clothes
Vehicle Trader: You Can Buy and Sell vehicles
Vehicle Parts Trader: You Can Buy and Sell vehicles parts
Builder Traders: You Can Buy and Sell base building items
Special Trader: You Can Buy and Sell special items
ATM System: You Can withdraw or deposit money used in the game.
Medic Trader: You Can Buy or Sell Medic Items
NPC Quests: You have some quest to make if you want
NPC Donate: If you like server, you can donate and recive currency for buy special clothes!
NPC Heli Trader: You can Buy or Sell Helis

NPC Boat Trader and Trader Fishing Items:
Kameka & Svetlojarsk

City Rules:

You cannot base build inside safe zones.
Before buying a vehicle you must buy the parking meter to store your vehicles if the server needs to restart!
The Server is not responsible for donated clothes that are stolen when killed, they are just symbolic items to help with server costs.
The player has total autonomy to decide his story on the server, but if possible, don't kill people who are making his story using RP, if possible, just steal them and arrest them!
The Discord community is open to everyone, but avoid offensive language whether in text or voice chat!

Server Engine:
The server's main currency is Dollar, with which you can buy and sell any items on the server.
Dollars can be obtained by finding items on the server and reselling them to the game's NPCS or to other players!

The server has a Bitcoin mining system, where the player sets up his mining base and receives a coin for it, which can be exchanged at the exchange NPC.
The server's donation currency is only symbolic, the server is not for profit but needs to stay online!

It doesn't matter what your country's currency is worth, 1 coin = 5 in-game money!
Some vehicles like: Motorcycles, BMW and Vodnik do not spawn in the game.

Only way to get it is by buying it from the npc!

They, like all items, have a quantity in stock, if the stock is low on the pc, the greater the value of the item.

image - Project City DayZ | BTC | Market | Bikes | Base Builder| Heli - Boats| Safe Zone - RaGEZONE Forums


Server IP: