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[Question] Regarding 'Respect' system and Armors

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Aug 31, 2012
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Ill start of with my question. How are armors in Pristontale assambled.
What parts does an armor has?

So now..
There was made a post lately: Respect system. though he ment Re-spec.
But anyways.. I still think this could be usefull for bigger servers..
not really "respect" system but something more like "status"...

For example:
You got the way BP-points display..
1) the player is lv 100+, So under the bp-points will be "lvl 100+"
2) if the player has been warned or is being "watched" there will be

Bp: 56
Lvl: 100+

Bp: 24
Lvl: 90+
Status: Being watched

What do you think about this idea?
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May 26, 2007
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I think I do get what you mean. A system where by players can be shamed into behaving better in the eyes of their peers, because bad reputation is visible even to the lowest of noobs.
This system works in many social networks, and it's an idea which was hotly debated as a default IRL towards the end of the 19th century, when it was a common knowledge (now misconception) that people who committed evil deeds took on a wicked appearance. Such that you could instantly know if a person was trustworthy or not simply by looking at their face. (I don't recommend this approach, but I think it speaks volumes about the use of Photoshop in the modelling industry today ^_^)

Those debates, before scientific proof to the contrary was readily available, can still be seen in popular fiction of the period. I'd recommend " " by Oscar Wild (ca. 1890, link thanks to ) or " " by Robert Louis Stevenson. (ca. 1886, link thanks to )

In both cases, the outward appearance of the person is directly linked to their actions and character, and in the former, the disguising of that outward appearance enables Mr. Gray to leverage great power which he would not be able to where his crimes written on his face like (the author supposes) any other felon. :wink: