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RageStock Update: 20 People Attending Private Server Meetup

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Feb 18, 2003
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We've had a brilliant response for those wanting to come to RageStock, even Johny and Xena :eek: but no MentaL... yet! *bwahahaha*

Like I say, "If you give them a mouth-fun, they will come."

Date: 17th July 2003 - 18/19th July 2003

Venue: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

There are about 20 people now who want to goto RageStock, which is really good considering we're a Private Server lol :p

Now, about accomendation; we're trying to sort out that people can stay at mine and Morphix's house. However, this is extremely difficult as my house is tiny >_< and Morphix's house has no room whatsoever.
We can offer that people stay at a Bed and Breakfast, which is about 1-2 miles away from mine and Morphix's house. Or you can camp out behind Morphix's back garden. It is pretty safe as there is fencing around it and trees so it'll help protect you from the rain.

If you need more information, PM me.

If you are coming for 1 day only, bring the following:

A map
A mobile phone (not a must, but will help incase you get lost)
And Yourself.

If you are coming for 2 days or more, bring the following:

A map
A mobile phone (same reasons above)
A tent (if you're gonna camp out)
A change of clothes (you dirty bastards :p)
And yourself :)

If you MUST, you can bring Booze, but the police are often round Newcastle City Centre and especially the Metro Centre, so it's your own fault if you spend a night in the cells.

We've planned some "activities" for RageStock, which includes:
[1] Get naked dancing o_0 - maybe if everyone's drunk enough :eek:
[2] A trip to the Metro Centre and we'll goto MetroLand - maybe even have a game on Lazer Quazer if you want to. :)
[3] Off out to Newcastle City Centre and we can work from there what we'll do.
[4] A trip to the Cinema (maybe go see the Matrix Reloaded :good: )
[5] Dunno yet... bound to be some more stuff. I might even try and hire out a bouncy castle. :rofl:

Hope to see you all there.