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Ragezone Forum Upgraded with Dual QuadCore Xeon for Better Performance

Nov 14, 2001
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Next month the ragezone forum shall recieve a server upgrade, we are to be transferring to a Dual QuadCore Xeon 5420 6GB Ram to increase performance.

On a side note if the performance runs well we shall...

  • Re-enable vbseo (More users then shall come to our forum)
  • Add forum based arcade for subscribers
  • Possibly add some sort of forum based RPG intergrated
  • Change the forum skin (again...)

Now, we also have other third party stuff in the works too, all in planning stages but nothing official.

Daniel "MentaL" James


Phoned my bank in an attempt to resolve my paypal issues but sadly they will not allow me to have access to my account due to reasons (I've moved home and want to change to my new address but they wont let me) so paypal subscriptions once again is delayed.