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Sep 10, 2003
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Capricorn said:
But then I'll have your IP banned for breaking the forum rules. :jaja:

I'm not mod material? Been doing it for over a year now and I'm still

moderating, so I'm doing something right.

Face it Gohan, you just can't take not being a moderator/admin/GM. Twatters

was right, you are just a straight A Arsehole.

Everyone thinks I'm cool and everyone thinks your an idiot with nothing in

life but RageZone. Get over it.

Damn sado.
1. Try it.
2. I was talking about Neo, next time try to read
3. If i had played my cards right i could easily have been mod again
4. You don't know anything about what happened, don't try to judge because it will make you look like a fool
5. Everyone thinks your gay, they dont laugh with you but at you, remember that.
6. Your the 1 so attached to RZ.
Not open for further replies.