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Scratch and Basic Tools

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Jan 31, 2008
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Hi I'm Kameron, you may have got to know me over the days as Kamatchi. Indeed. I am posting here now, to tell you about Scratch, LS Basic, and other fun, and Easy programs!

First off, Wtf is Scratch? Scratch is a Eduacational Game designer, Made for Kids 12+ No graphic Violence or anything, but because the commands arn't as simple as most Game designers.

There are eight Basic commands in Scratch that help you make your very own game! They are Motion, Control, Looks, Sensing, Sound, Numbers, Pen, and Variables. Inside those basic Commands are other sepperate commands indiviually, so you can make, Sounds play with The animation, or Color rise, as Things shrink!

Scratch is a free Program, and you dont have to Generate the Code it does it automatically. UNFORTANLLY Because its Easy to learn, Free and Generates a Wellbased Code, They ask you TWO things. 1. Register & 2. The game or Animation MUST be on the Scratch site Number 1 isnt so hard, because you have to register before downloading Scratch. The 2nd Rule means you cant put your game on your own website :(

Although you MAY find it usful to Copy a image/Link from your website to your Game/Animation. And I and Proubly a lot more other people are Trying to find the Base of the Game to put on your Website fully.

Wish us luck!

Want to try Scratch? Try here!

Now LS Basic

LS Basic is a really dumb Text program. I like it because I can play me very own Text Adventure! Text Adventure's can be a RPG inside the world of Text's! Im not familiar with all the LS Basic codes but I will tell you what I know.




Wtf do those mean!!! Those are Dividables to layout the Rooms you have in your Text Adventure. No not Visible rooms! Imaginary rooms! Next to each 1000 you want to put a REM room name that will tell you where to start, go and end in your game.

Undernieth Each 1000 you may put 1005 print : print : print to make it skip three lines or more.. Better for no crowded spots. 1005 would only be Half of the origonal Slice, After doing that, Type 1010 print [*TEXT HERE*] This will tell the game what to say or do.

Now is the last commands Do you just want Text in your text adventure? NO! You want a reason to play! Prefurblly Basic! So this is what you type if your on lines 1000

1000 REM room name
1005 print : print : print
1010 print [Your to week to go here, go to the warehouse to workout]
1020 input str$
1030 if str$ == [go to Warehouse] goto (not error) 2000

2000 REM Warehouse

-- And on, STR$ is the varable you will use to make a command, and make sure when typing the command type it exactlly how the code was formed. Like go to Warehouse cannot be goto warehouse.

Now so you know what to do to get in the Text adventure lol

1. Download here

2. When installed open notepad an type your game

3. Save your game, and go into LS basic and key in Load (Game name).(file)

4. If it has an eeror come back to this tut, I made sure everything is correct.

Google SketchUp

Anyone see my awome 3D designs? Sad cause you THOUGHT you cant make them either. You can! Just get FREE download of google SketchUP

Download it here
Or watch some Tutorials

Still not satisfied? Then look at my DP and compare it to this


Im glad I could help :)
Maybe lol
Evil Scottish Overlord
May 18, 2007
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Ah, Scratch, such a brilliant program. It was installed onto the servers in my school and we started opening them in classes with computers and kept playing the "Doy-doy-doy" sound, which amused our Graphic Communications teacher.

This would be better off in Hardware - Software, btw.