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Silkroad | Adventure | CAP 80 | CH/EU | LONGTERM | GRAND OPEN 03.11.2023

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Mar 30, 2015
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SRO[2023-10-31 08-22-37]_57 - Silkroad | Adventure | CAP 80 | CH/EU | LONGTERM | GRAND OPEN 03.11.2023 - RaGEZONE Forums

adventure main - Silkroad | Adventure | CAP 80 | CH/EU | LONGTERM | GRAND OPEN 03.11.2023 - RaGEZONE Forums

Your Adventure Start now

# Introduction:
  • Since we have started to develop this project, we thought carefully about the features we added to improve your gameplay. Our server
    will be one of the most complete old school server in the world of private servers! With our experience in the private server scene, we know how
    important it is to offer the best managed server for our community. Did we catch your attention? Come join us and start your
    journey on Adventure!So, don't miss it..!

# Objectives:
  • Our objective is to be cooperative with you and offer the most fun and exciting server aswell as to go back to a real old school
    server. Also we intend to offer you the most enjoyable server you need. We hope to provide all your needs and the quickest response to all your needs.

# Our target:
  • We want a server for all Silkroad lovers. This is the hardest task to accomplish since the private server scene is very
    picky nowadays. We want to provide a stable and bug-free server with all players having the same chances to reach the top. A play2win
    server with the best decisions for the players. We are offering a mature community and basically an original
    Silkroad Online content but with some changes to make life easier!

# Main targets:
  • Play2win
    Long term
    Fair gameplay
    Ethical management
    An active & friendly community

Alpha Opening:
  • Server testing with changes, adding new parts, etc
    We decided that our alpha opening date is : Friday, 22/09/2023
Beta Opening:
  • Now after studying the communities needs, testing everything, it is your time to play.
    We decided that our Beta opening date is : Thursday, 12/10/2023
Grand Opening:
  • Now after studying the communities needs, testing everything, it is your time to play.
    We decided that our grand opening date is : Friday, 03/11/2023


  • 100%
  • Name: Maxi
  • Born: who care?
  • Country: Germany
  • Languages: German | English
  • --------------------------------
  • Rang: Administrator / Server Owner
  • InGame Name: Methan
  • When did I start with Silkroad? since: Isro 2008-2014
  • Privat SRO Experience since: 2010


  • 100%
  • Name: Andreas
  • Born: who care?
  • Country: Germany
  • Languages: German | English
  • --------------------------------
  • Rang: Developer
  • InGame Name: NorseGodTyr
  • Skills: SQL | PK2 Editor | OllyDBG | PHP | HTML | Java
  • When did I start with Silkroad? since: Ksro 2004-2005 | Isro 2005-2012
  • Privat SRO Experience since: 2008
  • vSRO Experience since: 2012


Basic Information:
  • Information | Value
    Experience rate|1x
    Party experience rate|1.5x
    Skill points rate|1x
    Items drop rate|1x
    Rare item drop rate|1x
    Gold drop rate|1x
    Trade goods rate|1x
    Alchemy rate|1x
    GRAND OPEN|03/11/2023
    Jangan cave |Disabled
    Battle arena|Available
    Capture the flag|Available
    Fortress War Jangan|Disabled
    Fortress War Bandit|Available
    Fortress War Hotan|Disabled
    Fortress Tax |Every Town
    Forgotten World|Enabled [Cap 80]
    Devils Garden|Enabled [Cap 80]
    Job Honor Academy|Available
    Advanced elixirs|Disabled
    Automatic events|Available
    Oldschool interface|Available
    Party Monster|Available
    Magic Pop|Available
    Auto equipment|disabled
    New Quest NPC near Hotan Blacksmith:|Available
Filter Information:
  • Information | Value
    HWID Limit|5 (4 chars with bot and 1 without bot)
    IP Limit|5
    Bot Detect|Available
    Guild Limit|15
    Union Limit|2
    Max plus|10
    Restart Button|Disabled
    Exit Delay|60 Sec
    Exchange Delay|10 Sec
    Global Delay|5 Sec
    AFK Detection|Available

# Exp&Sp&Gold&Drop Rate:
  • All rates are not edited except party exp rate is set to 1,5x.

# Sox:
  • Our system is pretty hard. As an old school server you can get all kind of rare items dropped by monsters.
    Additionally we added Seal of Moon weapons as reward of the ForgottenWorld quest. Remember, we consider as long-term. That means the talisman collection
    will also take alot of time to complete.
    • A server notice will appear if a Seal of Star/Moon/Sun item is dropped
      Example Congratulations, [CharName] You have Found [Item Name] from Monster [Monster] in Region [Region]

# Useful Scrolls:
  • Global
    We have added the new global feature that allows you to link items
  • Reverse Scroll
    We have added the new Reverse feature
  • Silk Scrolls
    We have added silk scrolls to make buisness easier for players. [instant upon use] [o teleport or relog necessary]

# Free Silk:
  • You can receive "free" silk by achievement quest , unique kills, automatic events, weekly event and vote for silk.

# HWID 5 & IP limit 5:
  • A limit of 5 HWID/IP means the maximum of charactes connected by 1PC and 1IP-adress
    4 characters/clients with bot and 1 character/client without bot. If you login a 5th character with bot it will automatically get disconnected.

# Unique Map:
[*]We have added some new uniques as well as 1 CH and 1 EU unique

[*]Tiger Girl
[*]Lord Yarkan
[*]Captain Ivy
[*]Tai Sui
[*]Black Cloud
[*]Flame Dragon (CH) (Can drop Flame Dragon Fellow)
[*]Frozen Dragon (EU) (Can drop Frozen Dragon Fellow)

# Start Level 1:
  • [New characters start with 100k gold and 5k skill points]
# Start Package:
  • We always want to offer a smooth gameplay. Therefor we have added an useful package to make the start of your journey on Adventure more easier.

# Job System:
  • The old job system is one of the most fun, exciting and competitive activity in Silkroad Online.
    # Job Reward:
    • The rates are original and not edited. However, you will receive an additional reward and points for the weekly job ranking after you sold the goods.
      Just open Events window on Menu and and clikc job reward will find your reward into the chest.

    # Job Level Reward:
    • You will also receive an additional reward by reaching certain job level. After every 10th job level up to level 80 it will be added to the chest.

    # Guild Name in Job Modus:
    • Guild names will be visible above characters name even if you are in job mode.

    # New Special Goods in Petra:
    • We have added a new special goods route (you can buy there if you have finished the 3 special goods quest).
    • The teleporter is open once a week on Saturday from (19:55 - 20:30)(7:55 p.m. - 8:30 p.m)
      where the special teleport/NPC will be open for comission and you will be able to purchase and sell at any Trader NPC.
    • Special trading will be x3 higher as the normal special goods
    • The duration of special trading is 30 minutes.
    • You will be able to track it via the Event Schedule

# Battle Arena:
  • Battle Arena is a team battle system consisting of various modes that players can easily participate in. It is a PvP system that allows 8vs8 / 16vs16 / 32vs32 battles.
    You will be rewarded with Skill points and arena coins. The following modes are available:
    - Random Arena

# Fortress War:
  • Fortress war is the challenge for guilds!
    The tax will be on every town so gold will be great! Now regroup your member and sharpen your weapons for the battle.

# Forgotten World:
  • The ForgottenWorld is an important and challenging dungeon in Silkroad Online and so it is on Adventure!
    We kept it activated to have an additional option to get yourself D8 Seal of Moon weapon and be more competetive. So we dare you to accept the challenge!
    To receive the Seal of Moon weapon you have to complete the collection book and choose the type of your needs.

# Devils Garden:
  • Devil’s Garden is one of the most iconic prestigious dungeons to ever be found on a game a map of enormous garden and 3 rooms you have to fight your way to the end ,
    don’t come alone devil’s garden is never easy.

# Honor System: (Original & Job Based)
  • Academy Establishment
    The requirements to create a guardian house are simple.
    Your character needs to be level 60 and 100k gold to establish an academy.
    You can only create one establishment per character.
    You establish your guardian house at the storage NPC in each town.

  • Academy Registration
    Academy registration works much like the party match system.
    The guardian lists his/her guardian house into the guardian registration system to easily enlist apprentices.
    Anyone level 1-39 can join a guardian house.
    The maximum number of apprentices is 5 and the guardian can have a maximum of two guardian apprentices between level 40-59.
    You are unable to register to more than one guardian house at a time and you can leave at any time but there is a 24-hour penalty to join another one.
    You cannot rejoin an academy or create one within 24-hours of leaving.
    All members of a guardian house will be shown as purple dots on the world map so don't assume that your guardian won't know where you are at all times.

  • Cumulated and Accumulated Buffs
    Cumulative Buff- The cumulative buff is a fixed rate of experience points gained by the apprentices leveling under the supervision of a guardian.
    The rate of experience cumulated depends on the apprentices level.
    After one hour of grinding by the apprentice has passed it is possible to transfer the experience points to the guardian.
    After 24 hours of being logged into the game additional experience points will not be cumulated.
    Right click the cumulative buff icon to confirm transfer of experience to the guardian.

    Accumulative Buff- When an apprentice confirms the transfer of the cumulated buff, the set number of cumulated points after the confirmation of the transfer will become a percentage of increased experience for both the apprentice and the guardian.
    20% of the cumulated number of points will be added to the experience that the guardian obtains while grinding.
    The apprentice will receive 80% of the cumulated number as an addition to experience points while grinding.
    The cumulative buff can only be activated while the guardian is online, which can easily be checked in the Guardian House interface, accessed by the hotkey L.
    As the number of accumulative experience decreases by 10, the experience gained will increase by 5%.
    24 hours after the transfer of cumulated points is transferred, the accumulative buff will disappear.

  • Graduation Day
    Upon reaching level 40, a character may graduate themselves from the Guardian House.
    When an apprentice graduates, they receive 50% of the experience needed to reach level 41, and the guardian receives honor points based on the rating left by the apprentice.
    The rating ranges from Very Satisfied, to the lowest, Very Unsatisfied. The guardian only receives honor points if the apprentice was below level 30 upon entering the Guardian House.
    All players who join at 31+ will not give any honor points upon their graduation.

  • Reward and Honor System
    When a guardian receives Honor points for an apprentice graduation, they will receive a ranking, 1 being the lowest, and 50 being the highest.
    The more points a guardian has, the higher the ranking will be.
    The ranking of the guardian is updated once daily at 00:00 Silkroad time.
    The rank, honor points, and rewards can be checked at any storage npc.
    It will take a long time, and a lot of patience to earn enough points for a Sun weapon, let alone a SoMoon, so please consider the long wait between the time you establish a guardian house to the time you can get a reward.
    Honor items- Honor items are purchased with not only honor points, but with ingame money as well.
    The rewards, as far as we can tell, are sos, som, and sosun weapons and shields.
    You cannot obtain seal equipment other than weapons and shields.
    Honor items can only be repaired a certain amount of times, and upon the repair number reaching 0, the weapon will be useless.
    To prevent the loss of a hard earned piece of equipment, you must purchase a magic Stone of Honor to raise the repair number.
    Magic stones of Honor are purchased for a set amount of Honor Points, and the required points to purchase a stone increases with the degree of the weapon the stone is to be used upon.
    Honor Items can only be equipped, bought, and played with by guardians who purchase them themselves. The items cannot be sold to non-guardian players.

# Alchemy:
  • Alchemy is one of the most entertaining and at the same time frustrating systems in Silkroad Online. We didn't want it to be easy.
    You will be challenged to reach a high enhancements and now your turn to show your alchemy skills.
# Custom Alchemy:
  • Plus 1 = 100%
  • Plus 2 = 75%
  • Plus 3 = 50%
  • Plus 4 = 25%
  • Plus 5 = 10%
  • Plus 6 = 8%
  • Plus 7 = 7%
  • Plus 8 = 5%
  • Plus 9 = 3%
  • Plus 10 = 2%
# Plus Notice:
  • If you love fame and you would like to be a good Player you will be able to be famous through this system. A notice will appear server wide whenever enhancing an item +7 or higher.
    Remember, alchemy rate on Adventure is very hard! There isnt anything else to say than GOOD LUCK, you gonna need it.
# Max Plus +10:
  • We have changed the maximum plus so you can challenge yourself up to +10. Your item can not be made +11, you will receive a message that you already have reached the maximum plus.

# Guild & Union Limits:
  • As you know its required to decrease the limits compared original for guild and union. In order to balance the gameplay we set the maximum number of member in a guild to 15 and 2 unions guilds.

# Colored Title:
  • You can specify static color for titles or even more, you can dynamically assign colors to titles per character meaning the same title can be in different colors with different characters.

# Server Menu: [Filter Features]
  • Here comes the most interesting part in Adventure! A new exclusive Gui Menu!
    Account Lock - Schedules - Unique Histroy - Ranking - Achievements - Title Manager - Custom Title - Pet Filter - Events - Web Links.
  • Account Lock:
    Allow every player to create his own pin code as a secondary password and ask for the pin code.
    Whenever the account is being accessed from a different PC or to lock the account items, silks and content from being hacked.

  • Schedule:
    This function allows informs you about the remaining time for your next event(s).

  • Unique Histroy:
    Let your players track alive uniques and last unique kills with killer names in game instead of checking the website!

  • Dynamic Ranking:
    Ranking is dynamic where you can see all rankings that we added.

  • Achievements:
    Achievements System added with some special quests

  • Title Manager:
    Title manager that stores all your received and custom titles that you can revert and switch between them anytime.

  • Custom Titles (only 1):
    Each character can create his own custom title as he wish for specific amount of silks instantly and colorize it with available functions.

  • Pet Filter:
    In-game pet filter that is especially made so the players can only pick their desired items.

  • Event Window:
    • Events:
      Last Man Standing
      Survival Arena
      War Leagues

    • Vote for us:
      After voting on the webpage click this button and receive your silk reward.
      Required level: 1+
      Limit: IP-HWID-Account 1x per day

    • Job Reward:
      When you press this button you will get a reward after goods have been sold. (Trader/Hunter/Thief)
      Required level: 20+
      Limit: 10x per day per HWID/IP

    • Register Event:
      When you press this button you can register for specific events, for example Gold,Silk Lottery.

# Item Chest:

  • Here you find your rewards of Daily Login | Top 100 | Server Events | Job reward etc. and collect them in real time without teleporting

# Events
#Top 100 Event Reward:
  • After a long fighting vs monsters, fighting hard and fast to achieve the maximum level is such a good feeling, we decided to give you something you deserve depending on your rank.

#Auto Events:

  • A Notice will appear ingame before an event starts.

# Weekly Event:
  • Weekly Unique Rank:
    When the weekly ranking is updated a notice will appear ingame with the top 3 players based on the points.

    You get points every time you kill Uniques. The higher and stronger the uniques the more points you get.
  • Weekly Job Rank:
    When the weekly ranking is updated a notice will appear ingame with the top 3 players based on the points.

    You will receive points every time you sell your goods.
    The more stars you have the more points and rewards you get after you sell the goods. [relog]
  • Weekly Alchemy Rank:
    When the weekly ranking is updated a notice will appear ingame with the top 3 players based on the points.

    You get points every time enhancing an item +5 and higher.
  • Weekly Donate Rank:
    When the weekly ranking is updated a notice will appear ingame with the top 3 players based on the points.

    You will receive 1 point each time you donate This system has nothing to do with pay2win. This is an additional reward for server support.
#Survival Arena (Free For All):

  • The most performant Survival Arena event. It also provides the players with a special counter that shows top 5 players and self rank which gets updated instantly and runs smoothly.

# Jewel Box Event:
# Event Procedure:

  • - Jewel Box event will be proceeded automatically at a certain time
    - Defeat monsters and jewel box will be dropped randomly.
    - Bring the jewel box to NPC So-ok and she will exchange it for a gift. Gift will be given in random.
    - Jewel box can be exchanged for gifts without limit in numbers during the Event period.

# Summer Collection Event:
# Event Procedure:

  • - Summer Event will be proceeded automatically at a certain time
    - Defeat monsters and S,U,M,M,E,R Letters will be dropped randomly.
    - Bring the Summer Letters to NPC So-ok and she will exchange it for a gift. Gift will be given in random [To get reward you need to have 1 of each letter].
    - Summer letters can be exchanged for gifts without limit in numbers during the event period.

# Winter Story Event:

  • Winter Story Event

    In the world of Adventure huntint down any monster will randomly make SnowSlaves appear.

    Hunt down SnowSlaves to collect snowflakes.

    Collect 10 snowflakes and talk to NPC So-Ok to receive 1 of many prizes randomly.

    When 10 snowflakes are collected as one set, the set counts would be added on a server counts.

    When the counts meet the goal, everyone in the server would get 1 hour exp/skill points increases.

    A character meeting the certain counts by just hunting Snow Slaves would receive 3 hours Exp/Skill points increases.

    When, number 4 is done, the certain character would receive the rewards as well as WhiteKnight monsters would be summoned randomly all over the server.

    When WhiteKnight monsters are summoned for the fifth time, WinterPrincessMiyene monsters will be summoned randomly all over the server.
# Collecting Snow Flakes:
  • Mission 1:
    After collecting 10 snowflakes, go talk to NPC So-Ok. You will receive rewards randomly.
  • Mission 2:
    When the goal is reached, everyone on a server would receive 1 hour Exp/Skill points increases.
# Hunting Snow Slaves:
  • Mission 1:
    The hero stopping the right Snow Slaves out of all the others, randomly set for each server, the character would receive 3 hours Exp/Skill points increases.
  • Mission 2:
    For higher Experience points, kill WhiteKnight and WinterPrincessMiyene monsters.


#Server Rules
  • # The team should be treated with respect!
  • # Dont ask the GM for gold or items
  • # You can ask the staff members any questions as long it's not completely useless.
  • # The staff is not responsible for user mistakes, e.g. buying wrong items, getting scammed by other players, alchemy mistakes and stuff like that.
  • # We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.

    ----General Rules----
  • # Botting is allowed , HWID & IP-Limit is 5.
  • # Do not advertise for other sites/servers. [The admin decides how long the ban is (This could also affect your main char)]
  • # Proxy is not allowed (Example VPN,SES,TOR,Public Proxy,RES,Web Proxy, and other (by DCH send me a Proof from your router) [Only 1 person with 1 PC and Normal IP (5 Characters)] (The admin decides how long the ban is and items as well as gold can be delete (This could also affect your mMain char))
  • # The game can only be run on a real Windows Machine. Any kind of Virtual machines is forbidden.
  • # Bypass HWID is forbidden [The admin decides how long the ban is and items as well as gold could also be effected (This could also affect your main char)]
  • # Do not share your ID or password with anyone! Staff members will never ask for it. Complaints about hacking account won't get any support from the staff. It is your responsibility to keep your account info safe.
  • # Recharge back will be reward perma ban.

    ----Game Rules----
  • # You are allowed to go to the FortressWar with multiple chars!
  • # Murder on events is not allowed.
  • # Transactions that contain real money (Cash) cashflow will result in a perma ban for seller and buyer. Also the attempt results in a ban.
  • # Auto-target/script botting in FortressWar is not allowed! [The admin decides how long the ban is (This could also affect your Main Char)]
  • # Do not cheat in job mode (e.g. pick your own/friends goods) [The admin decides how long the ban is (This could also affect your Main Char)]
  • # Luring or stucking unique monsters is forbidden [The admin decides how long the ban is (This could also affect your Main Char)]
  • # Do not cheat at the BattleArena or CTF-Event [The admin decides how long the ban is (This could also affect your Main Char)]
  • # Do not use any kind of hack. (bots/petfilter are allowed.) [The admin decides how long the ban is (This could also affect your Main Char)]
  • # Do not abuse bugs. Abusing bugs results in a in perma ban. If you find one report it to the GM's at the live lupport or Discord via private message.

  • # Everyone has the right to the truth.
  • # You have the right to tell your own opinion.
  • # You have the right to make suggestions.
  • # You have the right to report anyone.

  • # By donating to us you certify that you are 18 years or older.
  • # By donating you're supporting this server. In return you will be rewarded.
  • # Since you donate to support the server there is no way to refund you payment.

  • # For better communication and understanding certain situations, talk to GMs in German/English.
  • # Not knowing and or not reading these rules is no excuse.
  • # Notice. If you see someone violating these rules, please take a screenshot or sideo as a proof and report them in live support or Discord. Only unedited screenshots (this includes the filename) are approved as a proof.
    Reports with edited screenshots or without proof will be meaningless and you might get a warning/ban for false report.

  • # We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without prior notice, so please check this sometimes.

signature test - Silkroad | Adventure | CAP 80 | CH/EU | LONGTERM | GRAND OPEN 03.11.2023 - RaGEZONE Forums



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